News You Need: President Trump To Talk Violent Video Games


*Morning clouds and then sunshine all afternoon, today's high is 41


U.S. health insurer Cigna will buy St. Louis-based Express Scripts in a $67 billion deal.  Cigna is one of the country's largest health insurers, and Express Scripts is one of America's biggest pharmacy benefits managers.  Cigna also assumes $15 billion dollars of Express Scripts debt. The combined company will be called Cigna.  Express Scripts will retain a headquarters in St. Louis.



McDonald’s is celebrating International Women’s Day today by turning their iconic golden arches upside-down to appear as a "W."

All across the country, the logo change will be seen on social media and crew uniforms. At some locations, the golden "M" outside the restaurant has been flipped. A company spokesperson said, "We have a long history of supporting women in the workplace, giving the W the opportunity to succeed. Six out of 10 restaurant managers are women." (CNBC)

Target Is Upping Its Minimum Wage -

 A major retailer is showing employees they are valuable.

Target is increasing its minimum wage to 12-dollars and hour, with a goal to pay 15-dollars an hour by late 2020. Last year, the retail chain raised its minimum wage to 11-dollars and hour. The company says it's not just an investment in its 350-thousand employees, but the experience people have in their stores.

The last jump in minimum wage also increased the quality of the company’s applicant pool, so they decided to keep going.

Target is improving in other areas too, as they eye curbside pickup and same day deliveries. 

Source: Los Angeles Times

Hundreds of thousands of people in the northeast are in the dark today after yesterday's powerful nor'easter knocked out power.

Areas from Pennsylvania to New England faced their second nor'easter in less than a week and received as much as 28 inches of snow in some parts of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. The storm brought strong gusts of wind and even thunder and lightning. One New Jersey woman was struck by lightning and suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Trees were knocked down and thousands of flights in the region were cancelled. The storm is expected to move out completely later today. 

USA Today

President Trump To Talk Violent Video Games With Industry Leaders - 

Violence in video games will be under the microscope today.

President Trump will hold a White House meeting today to discuss video game violence. After the Florida high school shooting, Trump noted that kids are exposed to high levels of violence in video games and movies. Today, the President will meet with video game executives and those who think the violence in games is spurring real life problems to discuss the issue.

Trump noted after the Parkland shooting "We have to look at the internet because a lot of bad things are happening to young kids and young minds and their minds are being formed," he said. "And also video games. I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people's thoughts."

Past presidents, Barack Obama included, also suggested video games could be linked to violence in youth. Obama went so far as to request to "research the causes and prevention of gun violence," including "the effects that violent video games have on young minds" after Sandy Hook.

Source: CNN


*In your Mizzou News: Top recruit Michael Porter Jr. will return to action during the SEC Tournament being held at Scottrade Center this week. Porter Jr. has been out because of an injury since the team's opening game. The Tigers are the 5th seed, they play in the SEC Tournament on today at 2:30pm against 12th seed Georgia! 


*The Blues are at the San Jose Sharks tonight!

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