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“Blues Clues” Is Making A Comeback - 

Some millennials will get to share their favorite kid show with their own children.

"Blues Clues" is coming back. The educational show loved by preschoolers originally aired in 1996 and ran for six seasons. It featured a dog named Blue who went on treasure hunts with the show's host, Steve. Now Nickelodeon says it's bringing back the original show for 20 new episodes, with a new look and a new host.

The network has put out a casting call for the new host of "Blue's Clues." If you’re interested, the call is open to males and females of all ethnicities, ages 18 to 25, who can make preschoolers feel important, respected and smart. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly


The Bachelor season finale came to a fitting conclusion: Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposed to Lauren Burnham with a 3.5 carat diamond ring. Then host Chris Harrison wished for Arie that this engagement lasted longer than his previous one.

His jilted fiancée, Becca Kufrin, earned a second chance at love. The studio audience roared with approval as Becca was announced as the next Bachelorette. The crowd was clearly Team Becca and disapproved of the way Arie mistreated her.

Chris Harrison explored the timeline from Arie proposing to Becca in Peru to Lauren accepting him back with open arms and heart. He’d been engaged for only five weeks when Arie DM’d Lauren’s Instagram account on New Year’s Eve. By the first weekend in February, they’d hooked up.

In between, Lauren assured Arie that she wanted him back. It meant he could dump Becca with confidence that a rebound romance awaited. Arie put on an act for the cameras outside Lauren’s home. He didn’t have butterflies. He knew perfectly well Lauren would welcome him back.  (Gossip Cop)

There are conflicting reports about how cameras joined Arie for the breakup with Becca. ABC denied forcing it, but former Bachelor Jason Mesnick admitted he refused producer's demands to record him ending an engagement.

Significant Details From the Finale:

  • The Bachelor host Chris Harrison called Arie proposing to Becca a “boneheaded mistake.”
  • Becca went house-hunting with Arie in December, which was only weeks after the engagement. She was moving forward with her future at the same time Arie had second thoughts.
  • Five Bachelor contestants told Chris Harrison that watching the breakup Monday night was necessary to explain what happened. Even Becca said the segment helped her "find closure."
  • Social media, however, became angered at the exploitive nature of the show, as ABC spent 40 minutes lingering on Becca’s misery.
  • More than 6,000 dollars has been given to Becca via her Venmo account for wine and retail therapy. She will donate those funds to Stand Up 2 Cancer. The Bachelor production company promised to match Becca’s donation.
  • Becca accepted Arie’s apology and said she’s forgiven him.
  • The first guy to meet Becca as the Bachelorette, Lincoln in the bowtie, said in his British accent, (quote) “Speaking for many of us here tonight, Arie is a wanker.”  
  • American Idol starts next week. After its conclusion, The Bachelorette begins May 28th.


TODAY'S TV PREMIERES: #HardSun (Hulu), #LifeSentence (CW), #HapAndLeonard (Sundance), #StreetOutlaws (Discovery), #SkinTight (TLC), #TheMenWhoBuiltAmerica (History)

-It's #CerealDay. 

-On this day in 1933 Parker Brothers introduced #Monopoly. 

-Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone on this day in 1876.


Frances McDormand may not want her Oscar thief charged, but the Academy does.

Turns out, the Best Actress winner doesn't have a say. Technically, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences owns the trophy, not Frances. And they want the book thrown at Terry Bryant, the man who pilfered the Oscar from Frances's dinner table at the Governors Ball Sunday night.

He's been officially charged with felony grand theft and faces up to three years in prison. (TMZ)

  • Per TMZ: "The winner of an Oscar has the right of possession but not ownership, and that's why the statue cannot legally be sold to anyone without first offering it to the Academy for $1."
  • How did this guy think he'd get away with this? He couldn't even sell it.
  • Frances McDormand didn't want Bryant prosecuted. She was just happy to get her Oscar back.


Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon is one step closer to running for governor of New York.

According to NY1, the actress has begun "assembling staff to lay the groundwork for a competitive campaign" against incumbent Andrew Cuomo in a Democratic primary in September.

That team reportedly includes Rebecca Katz and Bill Hyers, who both worked on Bill de Blasio's first campaign for mayor of New York.

Cynthia hasn’t declared her candidacy, but rumors of her gubernatorial run began to circulate last summer.


Lake Havasu Is Seeing Lots of Action Thanks To Jimmy Kimmel - 

Travel officials in Arizona are seeing a spike in calls about Lake Havasu after the Oscars.

Host Jimmy Kimmel tried keeping the Oscar acceptance speeches short by offering a jet ski and a trip to the lake for the shortest running speech on Sunday. Since then, the Lake Havasu Visitors Bureau has seen a huge jump in calls, but the travel counselor also says the lake and nearby Days Inn are open to all the Oscar winners.

The winner of the jet ski and the trip goes to the man behind the costumes in the flick "The Shape of Water," who had a 36-second-long speech.

Find out more about this now famous vacation spot HERE.

Source: The Wrap


“Fresh Prince” And Son Donate Water To Flint, Michigan - 

Will Smith and his son are combating the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

He and Jaden Smith have vowed to donate water through their eco-friendly water company company, JUST, to lower the city's lead levels in public schools. The Flint water crisis began in 2014 when the city's drinking water source was changed to the Flint River.

JUST has already given over nine-thousand bottles of water. Just Water CEO Ira Laufer says "This just makes sense for us to do. Jada Smithhas visited Flint and met with the mayor. Flint is very dear to her heart ... After reading more about [Flint's] challenges and the mayor objecting to pulling bottled water from the schools, we thought 'Let's help these kids.'"

The two say the company will continue to give more on a monthly basis until water levels are safe.

Source: MLive


Mark Cuban Accused And Exonerated Of Misconduct - 

Popular billionaire Mark Cuban has been cleared in misconduct claim.

The question of guilt before innocence has come up with several of the accusations made about celebrities lately. Here is one where innocence was declared. An alternative newspaper in Oregon reports a woman filed a sexual assault complaint against Cuban nearly seven years ago. According to the "Willamette [[ will-AM-ett ]] Week," the woman told police in April of 2011 the Dallas Mavericks owner groped her under her clothes when they posed for a picture in a Portland bar.

The woman said she asked to take a picture with Cuban. He was in Portland for a game between the Mavericks and the Trail Blazers. Cuban denied the accusation when a detective interviewed him as part of an investigation. The district attorney determined there wasn't enough evidence to file charges.

The transcripts of the “Shark Tank” star’s conversation shows Cuban in complete shock and at one point he says “Oh my Lord…..Oh, that’s what you get for being nice.”

Source: Deadspin

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