News You Need: LOTS of women are running for office in Texas


*Windy today with a chance of showers, high 48


*The Missouri House committee investigating Governor Eric Greitens' extramarital affair will hold its first hearing today.  The meeting is expected to be open to the public. The seven-member committee of representatives was formed after the governor was arrested last month on a felony invasion of privacy charge.



Study: Teens Using E-Cigs Have Same Toxin That Are In Cigarettes In Their System - 

The same cancer causing toxins in cigarettes are showing up in teens who use e-cigs.

Kids as young as in middle school are taking up vaping and science is showing it isn’t the safe alternative to smoking as once thought. A group of California teens were examined by the University of California-San Francisco and the results are unsettling.

Urine and salivary gland testing looked for breakdown products of toxic chemicals that have been associated with cancer -- and found them in both smokers and vapers. They weren’t found in those who didn’t smoke or vape.

While those who smoke cigarettes had levels three times higher than e-cig users, benzene, ethylene oxide, acrylonitrile, acrolein and acrylamide were still present in vapers. The most disturbing finding is the concentration is higher in fruit flavors vaping liquids as oppsed to candy, tobacco or menthol flavors.

More studies are needed to see if any teens have developed cancer from e-cigarette use. The concern is certainly growing.

Source: ABC News

How To Beat The Late Winter Blues - 

March is not turning out how must of us hoped.

It’s cold, mostly gloomy and full of storms. So how do we get over it? If the late winter blues are getting to you, here are some better ways to combat it than “thinking Spring.”

  • Try light therapy.
  • Up your Vitamin D intake
  • Eat chocolate. This is our
  • Get active.
  • Get some sleep!

Source: Bustle

*There were some very tense moments on board a flight from San Francisco to Boise last night when a female passenger got out of her seat and tried to open the cabin door.

Fellow passengers on board the SkyWest flight say the woman appeared to be having a mental breakdown and kept screaming "I am God." She was unable to open the door and passengers jumped into action to subdue her. They held her down and struggled with her as she was restrained. Once the plane landed, police came on and took her into custody. She was taken to a hospital for a medical evaluation. 

Source: Idaho Statesman

Washington State Passes Net Neutrality Law -

 Washington is the first state to pass its own version of net neutrality protection.

The Trump administration has been doing away with the regulations on the federal level, which were put in place to keep internet service providers from deliberately speeding up or slowing down online traffic to give certain content an advantage. Twenty states are suing the federal government to prevent the broad repeal.

The new Washington law signed by the governor yesterday would apply to ISPs in that state. The measure sets up a possible court date with the FCC. It takes effect June 6th after receiving heavy bipartisan support.

Source: Wired

Another Veteran GOP Senator Steps Down - 

Veteran Senator Thad Cochran will resign on April 1st. Republican Cochran has been dealing with declining health for several months. The 80-year-old Cochran has been in the Senate since 1978. He is the 10th-longest serving senator in U.S. history and chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The Mississippi senator released a statement saying “I regret my health has become an ongoing challenge. I intend to fulfill my responsibilities and commitments to the people of Mississippi and the Senate through the completion of the 2018 appropriations cycle, after which I will formally retire from the U.S. Senate.”

With the exodus of several members of Congress the balance of power could be up for grabs in the upcoming midterm elections. 

Source: Washington Post

Old Man Winter Isn’t Done Yet

A winter storm that's ready to sweep blizzard conditions across part of the central U.S. could hammer New England later today.

Forecasters say the storm won't be like the nor'easter blamed for over half a dozen deaths last week. But it could dump heavy snow on Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and major cities in the Northeast beginning later today.

The storm has already been dumping snow on the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest. Parts of central and eastern Montana that already have been buried under record snowfall are likely to get another six to 12 inches of new snow today. The country’s Northern Tier has been seeing a near steady parade of snow this year.

Source: Weather Channel

DACA Protests Continue As The Program’s Future Is Uncertain - 

Though a court shut down the end of DACA, many want a permanent solution.

Close to 800-thousand immigrants brought here as kids are in limbo. They are candidates or are receiving DACA protections that allow them to stay in this country. Yesterday marked what was supposed to be the end, but the Supreme Court delayed that end date.

It gave protesters a change to gather in Washington, D.C. and across the country to march and raise their voices. Many of the protests are focusing on Republican leaders in Congress and White House officials who have stalled efforts to pass a DACA solution, some protesters targeted Democrats as well for not pushing the issue hard enough.

President Trump, while ending the program, berated Congress for not passing immigration laws that would wrap up the Dreamer issue, but many others.

Source: USA Today


*The Blues are off until Thursday!

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