TRENDIN' WITH TRISTAN: Saved By The Bell Secrets

“General Hospital” Celebrates A Milestone Episode -The longest-running TV soap opera currently in production reached a huge milestone Friday as the 14-thousandth "General Hospital" episode aired on ABC.

The daytime drama made its debut on April first of 1963 and is still being taped at the same Hollywood studios once known as the ABC Television Center. "G.H." is one of only four soaps left on network TV. The others are "The Young and the Restless," "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "Days of Our Lives."

For the record -- the longest-running cast member currently appearing on "General Hospital" is Leslie Charleson, who portrays Monica Quartermaine. "G.H." also made television ratings history when 30-million viewers tuned in to watch the Luke and Laura wedding in 1981.

Source: ABC Soaps In Depth


The Shamrock Shake App Helps You Track It - 

Not only is McDonald's Shamrock Shake back, but there is an app to locate whose got them.

Ahead of St. Patrick's Day, the fast-food chain is bringing back its minty green shake. For the occasion, McDonald's has launched an app to help users track down the closet store that's selling them. Which is great, because some stores run out fast!

The company says “In addition to helping fans find the nearest Shamrock Shake, the app also features a brand new camera mode, featuring an augmented reality (AR) experience for iPhone X.”

The green treat available now, but the company hasn't said exactly how long it will remain on the menu. Usually, it disappears on St. Patrick’s Day.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution


The Weinstein Company Is Broke - 

The company founded by disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein is formally going broke.

Reports say the Weinstein Company said late last night it's going to file bankruptcy. The decision came after the studio ended talks to sell the company outside formal bankruptcy proceedings. The deal breaker was TWC not having the cash to keep the company afloat.

It also comes two weeks after the New York Attorney General's office sued the Weinstein Company over alleged sexual harassment and civil rights violations. The studio says it will prepare a bankruptcy filing in the coming days.

Source: Variety 


Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has become known for her incredible relatability in real life and her captivating performances on screen. In a new clip from an upcoming 60 Minutes interview, she reveals that before she reached those heights, she dropped out of school at 14 years old and has not completed any other formal schooling since. 


Prince's legacy is living out in a cookbook now!  It's a Prince-inspired cookbook and it will be in stores in Spring 2018, you can pre-order now.  There are recipes like Purple Rain ombre cakes and Raspberry Beret tarts & Darling Stikki toffee puddings.


The Simpsons predicted the future once again.  So 8 years ago, the show had an episode where Team USA defeated Sweden in curling at the Olympics & won the gold medal.   WELL that's what happened on on Friday, Team USA beat Team Sweden in Pyeongchang for the gold medal in curling.


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