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*Cloudy high today of 52


*Two area restaurants have been named in Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat for 2018. Bogart’s Smokehouse is ranked at #52 and Blues City Deli is in the top ten.


The focus on gun control this week has started to hit the NRA where it hurts the most -- the bank account.

Car-rental agency Enterprise and the First National Bank of Omaha are ending partnerships with the gun-rights group.

Enterprise -- which also owns Alamo and National -- will end its discount for NRA members next month. First National Bank says it will stop issuing a NRA-branded Visa card. The card offers a $40 cash-back bonus, enough to pay for an NRA membership.

Both companies were on a list compiled by liberal website ThinkProgress of 22 businesses with major ties to the NRA. (MarketWatch)

*Mirai Nagasu is the US skater who landed the first triple axel for a U.S. lady at the Olympics.  Well after her disappointing 10th-place finish at the Winter Olympics, she made some controversial comments.  First, she took credit for the U.S.'s bronze in the team figure-skating event, saying, "I saved the team event..” Then she suggested that her Olympics really were just a reality-TV tryout. "I would like to be on Dancing With the Stars because I am a star. I made history here by landing the first triple axel for a U.S. lady at the Olympics so I think that is a big deal. I hope I get more opportunities to let my personality just shine."  Nagasu, the oldest of the U.S. female skaters at 24, likely won't try to make the 2022 team. 

USA Today

*Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was indicted by a St. Louis grand jury on Thursday on a felony invasion of privacy charge for allegedly taking a photo of a partially clothed or nude woman.

According to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, the incident happened on March 21st, 2015. Gardner started to look into the governor's past after he revealed he cheated on his wife with a hairdresser.

The grand jury found that the governor likely violated Missouri Statue 556.252, which makes it a felony to transmit a photo or video in a way that allows access to the photo or image on a computer.

According to the indictment, Greitens snapped a photo of a woman fully or partially naked without her knowledge or consent.

The woman later confessed to her husband that Greitens snapped the picture of her at his house and said he'd blackmail her if she publicly spoke about their affair. To make things even stranger, the woman's husband recorded their discussion and then tried to sell local media outlets.

An attorney for the governor said Greitens has previously denied taking a photo of the woman. 

FOX2now St. Louis

*Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel revealed Thursday that an armed school resource officer, whose job was to protect students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, took a defensive stance outside of the school instead of entering the building while students and teachers were shot last week by an assailant with an AR-15 rifle.

School Resource Deputy Scot Peterson was suspended by Israel on Thursday after he saw video of the deputy outside the school building while the massacre was taking place.

Peterson was in uniform and armed. Israel said he should have entered the building during the six-minute shooting spree that killed 17. Israel said Peterson should have "went in and addressed the killer. Killed the killer."

The 54-year-old Peterson, who's worked at the school since 2009, resigned after he was suspended. Pending an internal investigation into the shooting, two other officers have been put on a restricted assignment.

Israel said, "They could have done more, they should have done more. It's a fluid investigation. They are on restrictive duty." 

The Washington Post

*The investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election heated up on Thursday, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed new criminal charges against one-time Donald Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

In the 32-count indictment, filed in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, the pair is charged with fudging tax returns and bank fraud. It also claims that Manafort, with help from Gates, hid more than $30 million and tricked banks in to lending them additional funds.

Mueller's team had already hit the pair with criminal charges in federal court in Washington, D.C., including failure to register as agents for work they did a pro-Russian political party in the Ukraine, conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to defraud the United States.



*The Blues play tonight!

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