News You Need: Epic Olympic Finishes


*Overcast the high is 36


The National Weather Service is predicting a rapid rise along the lower Mississippi River in the next two weeks.

Forecasters predict minor flooding in at least some points below where the Ohio River joins the Mississippi in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

The river is predicted to crest at Memphis, Tennessee, and points north by March 4, with crests coming later downstream.


Famed evangelist Billy Graham has died at age 99.

"America's Pastor" preached to an estimated 200 million people in 185 countries during his lifetime. He also reached millions more through TV and radio broadcasts of his sermons, and he advised a dozen Presidents.

Graham grew up in North Carolina and was ordained in 1939. He married his late wife Ruth in 1943, and they had five children together. He counted Martin Luther King Junior among his friends and made waves in the '60s when he refused to abide by segregation policies for his services. His son Franklin Graham took over his ministry when he retired.

Throughout his life, Graham would say, "My home is in Heaven. I'm just traveling through this world." 

NBC News

A Drink May Be Better For Seniors Than Exercise - 

Want to live to your 90’s? Booze may be the key.

A new study found that seniors who drink a moderate amount of alcohol each day have a better chance of living past 90 than those who exercise daily. Researchers at the University of California Irvine found that two glasses of wine or beer dropped the chance of premature death by 18-percent. Daily exercise for up to 45 minutes reduced premature death by only 11-percent.

The study looked at the fastest growing age group in the U.S….people in their 90’s. Two other factors also dramatically extended life. Researchers added that two cups of coffee also helped maintain longevity, lowering the risk of death by 10 percent. The biggest key to a long life was having a hobby. Two hours of work a day on a hobby dropped the risk of death by 21 percent.

Source: CBS Boston

*Did you catch any of the U.S. men's hockey team's overtime game against the Czech Republic? Not unless you tuned to CNBC.

The quarterfinal match ended regulation time, and then overtime, tied at 2, forcing a shootout. The Czech team won that to advance to the semi-finals. But meanwhile, NBC kept its focus on interviews and analysis of figure skating, despite a disappointing showing by the American women in the short program. (USA Today)

Also in PyeongChang, Lindsey Vonn won bronze in the women's downhill, in what is likely her final Olympics. Sofia Goggia of Italy -- Vonn's good friend -- won the gold, and Ragnhild Mowinckel of Norway took a surprising silver. (ESPN)

In ladies' figure skating, Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia hold the top two spots after the short program. Americans Mirai Nagasu, Karen Chen and Bradie Tennell are ninth, 10th and 11th.

*Vice President Mike Pence was set to secretly meet with an upper-level group of North Korean leaders at the Winter Olympics earlier this month, but the meeting was scrapped at the last minute by the North Koreans, the State Department revealed Tuesday.

Heather Nauert, a spokeswoman for the State Department, said, "We regret the failure to seize this opportunity."

Some had hopes that during the meeting Pence could push the new U.S. strategy of trying to convince North Korea to end its nuclear and missile programs, which are becoming an increasingly real threat to the U.S.

For now, it seems the only time Pence got close to the North Koreans was during the opening ceremony in which he was less than 10 feet away from Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, but neither acknowledged each other. 

The New York Times

Florida Lawmaker’s Aide Is Canned After Conspiracy Theory Talk - 

An aide of a Florida state lawmaker is out of a job after suggesting that survivors of a high school shooting were crisis actors.

That's something conspiracy theorists often tout after shootings or disasters, that people seen on television travel from crisis to crisis to sell some sort of narrative. Benjamin Kelly, district secretary to Republican Representative Shawn Harrison, sent an email to a reporter expressing a similar theory about teenagers protesting guns at the state capitol. Harrison fired Kelly when he found out and said he didn't share his aide's belief.

Kelly later tweeted "I made a mistake whereas I tried to inform a reporter of information relating to his story regarding a school shooting. This was not my responsibility. I meant no disrespect to the students or parents of Parkland." BUT, he then followed with "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Kelly’s page has since been deactivated. 

Source: New York Daily News

VP Pence Was To Have Secret Meeting With North Korea - 

Vice President Mike Pence's office says he was going to have a secret meeting with North Korean officials during the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

North Korean officials, including the sister of leader Kim Jong Un, hoped to meet with Pence to get him to soften his message against the isolated communist country. A spokesman for the Vice President suggested that the North Koreans may have called off the meeting because Pence spoke out against the North's human rights abuses, including the death of American Otto Warmbier, and its nuclear weapons program.

The meeting was apparently planned two weeks before Pence’s tour of Asia was to begin.

 Source: NBC News 

Army Honors Parkland JROTC Cadets Killed In Shooting - 

Three JROTC students who were among those killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting have received special honors.

The Army has given Peter Wang, Alaina Petty, and Martin DuqueJROTC Heroism Medals posthumously. The medal for Petty was presented at her funeral and Duque’s will be as well.

Peter Wang was buried in his uniform with the medal on it. Wang was seen, in uniform, during the shooting trying to save others by getting them to safety. Because his actions exemplified the military standards of “duty, honor, country,” the 15-year-old has, posthumously, been admitted to West Point Military Academy for the Class of 2025.

The Florida National Guard was directed by Governor Rick Scott to attend each of the JROTC members funerals.

Source: Army Times


The Blues lost to the Sharks 3-2

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