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Carrie Underwood Gives Thousand To Former Classmate -

 One country star is true to her old friends.

Carrie Underwood is donating ten-thousand dollars to her childhood friend and police officer who was badly hurt in a car accident. Checotah, Oklahoma Assistant Police Chief Justin Durrett suffered multiple injuries last week in a rollover car crash.

A GoFundMe page was set up for him, and Underwood donated ten-thousand dollars to help with the officer's medical expenses.

The singer made the donation under her married name: Carrie Fisher

Source: Tulsa World

Tom Hanks Goes For Samoas - 

Tom Hanks is proving even celebrities can get behind Girl Scout cookies.

The actor was spotted by “TMZ” buying for boxes from troops in Los Angeles yesterday, with Samoas proving to be his favorite. He got three boxes of those and one Thin Mints.

He also reportedly donated 20 dollars on top of his purchase and posed for a picture. Yes, life is like a box of Girl Scout Cookies!

 Source: TMZ

“Real Housewives Of New York City” Cast Lands On A Yacht From Hell -

The dream of a luxurious yacht cruise turned into pure hell for Bethenny Frankel and company.

“Page Six” reports that the “RHNYC” ladies went to Columbia, where they thought a high class ship was waiting for them. Instead, they got a run-down boat that was so bad the anchor got stuck.

After getting underway, the engine caught fire and there were no extinguishers. Then the seas became so rough the yacht started taking on water. Oh, it was also a vomit fest for the ladies.

They were, thank goodness, rescued by a passing boat. 

Source: Page Six


*Justin Bieber - An exhibition dedicated to Justin Bieber has opened in the singer’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario – and it even features an authentic pair of his underwear. Titled Steps to Stardom, the exhibit launched at the Stratford Perth Museum on Sunday and will run until December 31st. It features various Bieber memorabilia on display, including some of his stage outfits, running shoes, a personal letter from Michelle Obama, and the aforementioned underwear. “We’re very excited about this exhibit and helping to share a fascinating story about a hometown hero who’s gone on to remarkable achievements,” the museum said in a press release.

*Black Panther - has blown past expectations, raking in $192 million in ticket sales for the weekend, according to estimates. Including today's Presidents' Day holiday, the film is expected to earn $218 million for the four-day weekend and $361 million worldwide. That's the fifth-biggest opening weekend ever, not accounting for inflation.

*Jamie Foxx - abruptly left an interview with ESPN host Michael Smith on Friday night at the Staples Center in L.A., where Foxx was playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. Smith alluded to Foxx spending time with Holmes, referring to their basketball Valentine’s date on Wednesday. The stars were seen together when he picked up Holmes at her home, with a basketball under his arm. “I know you’re prepared because I saw pictures,” the host said. “Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real Love & Basketball?” But Foxx, who has been romantically linked to Holmes since 2013, immediately started to take off his headphones, leaving Smith to cover. 

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