News You Need: Olympic Moments from this week


*Cloudy with peeks of sunshine, high 41, it could rain early Saturday high 47, sunshine and some clouds Sunday high near 60


*American figure skater Vincent Zhou made history last night (Thursday) in PyeongChang. He became the first skater to land a quadruple lutz cleanly at the Olympics.

The 17-year-old opened his short program with the four-revolution jump, and sits in 12th place. Adam Rippon is the highest-ranked American in seventh, but medal favorite Nathan Chen had a disastrous skate, hitting the ice and landing in 17th place.

Another high-profile American athlete had a rough competition. Skiier Mikaela Shiffrin finished fourth in the slalom after battling nerves and actually vomiting right before her first run. 

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Michigan Pizzeria Makes The Largest Delivery Pizza - 

A Michigan pizza shop is breaking a world record for the largest delivery pizza.

The owner of Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate led a team Wednesday in making the massive pie. The 72-inch pizza beat the current Guinness 54-inch record holder. It was donated to the Southgate Police and Fire departments. The record breaking pizza is now available on the restaurant's menu for a starting price of 300-dollars.

Mallie’s grabbed the record for largest burger with a 1796 pound hamburger last year

Source: UPI

Concern Over Copycat Shooting Plots -

 There’s growing concern over copycat school shootings after two incidents were thwarted.

A South Carolina high school student is under arrest over a copycat threat after the Florida school shooting. The ninth-grader in Spartanburg, South Carolina allegedly posted an image on Snapchat of a teenager wearing a mask and holding an assault-style rifle.

The image had the caption, "Florida Round 2," referring to Wednesday's high school shooting in Florida that killed 17 people. A freshman at Broome High School in Spartanburg was arrested yesterday after the school received an anonymous tip from a student. The ninth-grader reportedly claimed the post was a joke, and that he did not have any serious intentions. He was charged with disturbing schools and is being held at a juvenile facility.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, another possible plot was stopped by a suspect’s grandmother. An Everett teen is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly planning a mass shooting at his school. The 18-year-old's grandmother called 9-1-1 Tuesday morning after finding a journal detailing plans for the shooting.

Police arrested the student at ACES High School. Police say they found inert grenades in the teen's bedroom along with an AK-47 hidden in a guitar case. Court documents show the teen wrote about wanting to make the shooting "infamous" and details his concerns about needing to "get the biggest fatality number" possible.

Source: Charlotte Observer

State Assemblywoman Facing New Claims Of Misconduct -

A female California lawmaker has had more allegations against her come to light.

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is taking to social media to address a number of sexual misconduct claims levied against her. A lawyer filed a formal complaint yesterday with the Assembly Rules Committee on behalf of four former members of Garcia's staff. They allege Garcia talked about sex and drinking alcohol in her office.

In response to the new complaints, Garcia released a statement saying “In order for legislators to accomplish all we want for the people of our districts and the people of California, we need talented staff who feel empowered to do their work,” Garcia said. “That is the environment I strive for in my office and I am confident I have consistently treated my staff fairly and respectfully.”

The new accusations come after allegations from a former male staffer that Garcia groped him and made unwanted sexual advances. Garcia, who is on unpaid leave, says she will address each of these issues individually once the investigations are complete.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Immigration Legislation Fails In The Senate -

 Immigration reform is falling flat in the Senate.

Forward momentum on four Immigration bills failed to clear 60-vote thresholds yesterday, so it's back to square one. One of the bills was backed by President Trump. It aimed to boost border security, reduce legal Immigration and provide a path to citizenship for young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Trump is also insisting on funding for a massive border wall, which he previously insisted would be paid for by Mexico.

What most believed was the best shot at reform was a bipartisan bill, crafted by four senators, covered everything but chain migration and the president said he would veto it and tweeted it was a “total catastrophe.”

Source: CBS News

El Chapo Trial Preps Begin - 

Mexican drug-kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's lawyer says his client is eager to go to trial.

Outside federal court in Brooklyn, defense attorney Eduardo Balarezosaid Guzman has no interest in cutting a deal with the government. Balarezo has asked the judge to reconsider keeping jurors anonymous during the trial, while prosecutors say its necessary given Guzman has used hitmen against jurors in the past. The drug-lord is accused of running a global cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine operation. Guzman has complained of deteriorating health while in solitary confinement.

Potential jurors will answer a questionnaire on March 23rd in anticipation of trial. The current plan is to keep them partially sequestered as well as anonymous. Guzman attempted to speak during his court appearance but was denied the opportunity, with Judge Brian Cogan saying he would consider granting him the chance at future hearings.

Meanwhile, it seems the former kingpin is struggling to pay his legal bills and is said to not be cooperating much with his lawyers.

Source: Independent

Here’s How You Can Help The Florida Victims 

If you are feeling strongly about wanting to help the victims in the Florida shooting, we have an idea. A GoFundMe page is raising money to support victims of the Florida school shooting.

Seventeen people were killed and over a dozen were wounded Wednesday in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. Broward County Public Schools has set up the Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund to raise donations for the victims and their families, to provide relief and financial support.

The GoFundMe page quickly surpassed its original goal of 100-thousand dollars, reaching 300-thousand dollars by yesterday afternoon and now above 600-thousand. The new goal is 750-thousand dollars.

Officials say there have been several fraudulent GoFundMe accounts claiming to raise money for the shooting victims. The Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund is the official account.

Source: GoFundMe


*The Blues play tonight

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