TRENDIN' WITH TRISTAN: Celebrity Big Brother OMG

• "I'm dumping my @facebook stock and deleting my page because @facebook profited from Russian interference in our elections"

• "I encourage all other investors who care about our future to do the same."


A Bank Gave Timberlake The Greenlight For Prince Tribute -

 It wasn’t Prince’s family that okayed the use of the late entertainer’s footage at the Super Bowl. It was a Dallas-based bank.

Reports say that until an agreement is reached with the IRS, Prince's estate remains in the hands of Comerica Bank & Trust. Comerica called Sunday's performance a tasteful and sincere tribute to Prince and it appreciated Justin Timberlake's desire to honor him. The estate said the footage of Prince used during the halftime show was licensed from a performance in Syracuse, New York and "Purple Rain," his 1984 movie.

The footage was used because JT believed “the only one who can do Prince is Prince."

Source: Wall Street Journal




Cecily Strong, SNL comedian (34)

Seth Green, actor (44)

Vince Neil, singer (57)

John Grisham, novelist (63)

Mary Steenbergen, actress (65)

Nick Nolte, actor (77)


Nick Carter Under Investigation For Rape - 

An investigation is underway into the rape claim against Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter.

Former "Dream" singer Melissa Schuman filed a police report against Carter yesterday, alleging he sexually assaulted her in his home in 2003. Schuman first came forward with the claim on her online blog in November.

Carter then denied it, telling "People" magazine the two had consensual sex, then later recorded a song together. He has yet to respond to the police report. 

Source: People


Queen Kylie Jenner! The new mom’s photo of her daughter Stormi just became the most liked Instagram photo of all time.


It's a beautiful day in the postal neighborhood. The US Postal Service plans to issue a new stamp featuring Mister Rogers, the children's television host known for his zip-up cardigan, sneakers, and soothing manner. The Forever Stamp will be unveiled March 23 


A world tour is in the works for the Spice Girls reunion! That's what fans really, really want.

Initial reports had the five women reuniting for a greatest hits album, TV shows and endorsement deals. TMZ now indicates there will be a series of concerts in Europe and later in the fall across the United States.

There are at least 15 reasons why the reunion is happening: each of them is taking home 15 million dollars. Plus, Victoria Beckham negotiated an “I do not have to sing” clause in her contract.

The Spice Girls will not record any new songs. For the moment, a residency in Las Vegas has not been considered. They might want to measure the demand during this year’s world tour before committing long-term in Vegas.

Talk About It:

  • Tour will save a little money by traveling with only FOUR microphones. Posh Spice doesn’t need one.
  • Posh claimed the #MeToo movement inspired her to join her sisters and recreate the Spice Girls’ empowering message.
  • Touring Europe this summer would complicate Mel B's ability to judge on America's Got Talent. TMZ reported this week Queen Latifah could replace Mel B.
  • It seems anything from 20 to 25 years ago is getting a reboot.

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