News You Need: Snow Preparations


*Winter weather advisory until 6pm tonight, cloudy today high 29, snow showers could happen this evening but should be done by this time tomorrow.


*MODOT & IDOT are ready for the winter weather, they have been treating the roads in preparation.  They say the roads are fine this morning just be careful for some slick spots.  St. Charles City Schools and Lindenwood University canceled evening event


ICYMI: Dog Sets Home On Fire Trying To Swipe Pancakes - 

Be careful about leaving food on a gas stove when you have dogs around! A  family is thankful their dog is alive and for fire alarms and they’ve also learned a lesson.

The Massachusetts family placed left-over pancakes on the stove, which their Golden Retriever couldn't resist. The family's home security video showed the dog fetching the pancakes and accidentally igniting gas the stove.  Moments later the kitchen was engulfed in flames, prompting an alarm to the fire department. Firefighters were able to put the flames out before the fire spread to the rest of the home.

Lesson? Never leave food on a gas stove.


Pentagon Agency “Lost” Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars - 

This news won’t help Congress members who want to bolster defense spending.

A Pentagon agency is trying to explain how it lost track of more than 800-million dollars. An audit released yesterday shows the Defense Logistics Agency couldn't document hundreds of millions of dollars for construction projects and equipment expenses.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley expressed his concern saying “If you can’t follow the money, you aren’t going to be able to do an audit.”

The money covered expenses for the fiscal year that ended in September of 2016. The agency responded to the news by saying it didn’t anticipate a clean audit and will take the information the auditors give them and work with it. One sentence in the statement may have given Congress a lot more to be concerned about; the agency was the "first of its size and complexity in the Department of Defense to undergo an audit.”

Source: The Hill

Bannon May Or May Not Testify About Russia Probe Today - 

Depending on who you ask, a former White House adviser won’t be honoring a subpoena to appear before a Congressional committee.

There are reports former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon won't testify before the House Intelligence Committee today, despite a subpoena requiring him to appear. Reuters [[ ROY-terz ]] reports two sources say Bannon will ignore the subpoena, which could open him up to a contempt of Congress charge. One source says the White House hasn't cleared Bannon to answer the committee's questions.

A Republican member of the committee, Mike Conaway of Texas, told reporters yesterday he expects Bannon to show up and answer questions today. One reason for the confusion may be that the issue of executive privilege hasn’t been settled in Bannon’s case. Executive privilege is usually given to the highest ranking Administration members.

Source: Reuters


*The Blues play Minnesota tonight, it's a home game

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