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*Lots of sunshine today the high is 32, but major cold right now its 13


The country's most famous groundhog crawled out of his hole at daybreak today and, for the 132nd time, gave his weather prediction.

Punxsutawney Phil announced, in his own language, that he saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. Had he not seen his shadow, his prediction would have called for an early spring.

Since 1887, the Pennsylvania rodent has predicted an early spring just 18 times. 

(USA Today)


The NFL Makes “Most Hated Companies” List -

 A lot of us seem to have a love-hate relationship with certain companies.

A new list detailing the most hated companies in the U.S. is out. Compiled by financial news site "24/7 Wall Street," it gives a rundown of the most hated companies in America based on surveys, employee reviews and big news events related to the brand. Coming in at number one as the most hated company in America is consumer credit reporting agency Equifax. That's due to the big data breach last summer that put more than 145-million Americans at risk for identity theft. Also counting against it, the company kept the information to themselves for a month before letting the public know.

Only one airline made the list and one healthcare company.

America's Most Hated Companies: 

1. Equifax 

2. Fox Entertainment Group 

3. NFL 

4. University of Phoenix 

5. Electronic Arts 

6. Foxconn Technology Group 

7. Sprint 

8. Vice Media 

9. Spirit Airlines 

10. Cigna

Source: USA Today

Hundreds Of Trapped South African Miners Are Now Free - 

More than 900 miners trapped in a South African gold mine since Wednesday are now free.

All 955 men have been safely brought out. A mining company spokesman says some are suffering from dehydration and high blood pressure, but no one is seriously ill or injured. The men got trapped after a storm knocked over an electricity pylon near the mine, cutting off all the power.

They were brought out earlier today after power was restored to the mine about 180 miles southwest of Johannesburg. The workers were given care, food, and showers before being released to their families.

Source: BBC

Experts: Breast Cancer Treatment Could Lead To Heart Issues For Women - 

Several treatments for breast cancer may lead to heart problems.

That's according to a new statement from the American Heart Association. They organization warns that some chemotherapies can lead to heart failure, abnormal rhythms and valve problems. It's also possible that radiation can affect arteries.

The A-H-A says women and their doctors should carefully weigh the risks and benefits of any therapies. It also recommends doctors monitor their patients hearts before, during and after treatment. Women are being advised to have a team of doctors in their corner while being treated.

Source: NBC News

Following Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow's tone-deaf misstep by saying women need to "step up" in the music business during Sunday's Grammy Awards, the Academy and Portnow have been attacked for their cluelessness.

In an attempt to rectify the problem, the Recording Academy announced Thursday that it's forming "an independent task force to review every aspect of what we do as an organization and identify where we can do more to overcome the explicit barriers and unconscious biases that impede female advancement in the music community." 

Los Angeles Times

Two Thing You Won’t See In Super Bowl 52 Ads

Two of America's biggest automakers are taking the bench during Super Bowl 52. General Motors and Ford Motor Company both say they will not run commercials during the nation's most watched sporting event.

Ford says it opted out after paying to debut a new Matthew McConaughey commercial for the Navigator during the Grammys last month. GM's Buick is sitting out after two-years of, "Yes, It's a Buick' spots featuring Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr. Instead, this year's spots will be filled by foreign and luxury brands such as Hyundai, Toyota, Kia and Lexus.

Fiat Chrysler, the third member of the "Big Three" American automakers, has not yet stated its plan for the game.

Source: Detroit News

Wisconsin Girl Sentenced In Slender Man Stabbing - 

A Wisconsin girl is being given the maximum sentence in a mental hospital for stabbing a classmate to honor a horror character called Slender Man.

Fifteen-year-old Morgan Geyser, who will be in a mental hospital for 40 years, pleaded guilty to attempted first degree murder for luring her sixth grade classmate into the woods near Waukesha in 2014 and stabbing her repeatedly. The guilty plea last October allowed her to avoid prison time.

Geyser tearfully apologized to the victim, her one time friend Payton Leutner. “I just want to let Bella and her family know that I’m sorry.” Leutner was stabbed 19 times and dragged herself away from the scene to get help.

Geyser's friend Anissa Weier [[ ah-NEE-sah WY-ur ]] was recently sentenced to 25 years in a mental hospital for partnering with Geyer in the crime. The girls and their victim were all 12 years old at the time.

One more thing…the parents of Geyser and Weier are speaking to ABC’s “20/20” about the shock of their daughters’ actions, “Slender Man,” and mental illness plus more in an exclusive interview. It airs at 10 pm ET tonight.

 Source: Washington Post

Arizona Lawmaker Gets Expelled After Harassment Accusations - 

The Arizona House of Representatives is expelling a lawmaker accused of sexually harassing women.

All but three of the 60 state House members voted to expel Don Shooter after an independent investigation found that many of the allegations against him were credible. Three state legislators were among the women who accused Shooter of a pattern of harassing behavior.

Brian Townsend, the fiance of the first accuser, Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita, is also accused of inappropriate conduct and admitted to sending “unsolicited, sexually explicit communications."

Shooter is demanding that the investigation look deeper because many more people are involved. The Arizona Republican is one of at least a half-dozen state lawmakers to resign or be kicked out office nationwide in recent months. 



The Blues lost to David Backes and the Bruins 3-1, they play again tomorrow

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