TRENDIN' WITH TRISTAN: Meghan & Kate's friendship

Jim Parsons and Haley Joel Osment have joined the cast of the Ted Bundy thriller Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Zac Efron stars as the notorious serial killer opposite Lily Collins as his girlfriend.




WHAT IT'S ABOUT? Eccentric firearm heiress Sarah Winchester believes she is haunted by the souls of people killed by the Winchester repeating rifle.

WHO'S IN IT? Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke


  • The Winchester Mystery House is located in San Jose, California.
  • Construction on the house began in 1884 and supposedly continued for nearly 40 years, until Sarah Winchester's death in 1922.
  • Every Friday the 13th, a large bell on the property is rung 13 times at "1300 hours" in tribute to Winchester.
  • The movie's budget was $3.5 million.


ABC Will Run A “Roseanne” Special Before The Show’s Return - 

As TV’s revival trend enjoys success, ABC is rolling out the red carpet for its addition.

The network is going to air “Roseanne: The Return” as part of a special 20/20 on February 15. The show will feature guest stars who appeared before they were famous like George Clooney, Ellen DeGeneres and Leonardo DiCaprio. There will also be special interviews.

“Roseanne” lasted nine years and has been on “hiatus” for over 20. Season 10 premieres March 27.

Source: UPI

Journey Keyboardist Releases His Memoir - 

We’re going to get some inside info on one of America’s most iconic bands.

Longtime Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain is set to release his memoir "Don't Stop Believin'" on May 1st. It’s the first book by any member of the mufti-million-record selling band, and includes Cain sharing stories about his faith and the inspiration for co-writing "Don't Stop Believin'."

The book will also touch on his time with other bands including The Babys. Cain, who has been a member of Journey for 36 years, also wrote "Faithfully" and co-wrote "Who's Crying Now" and "Open Arms." Journey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017.

Source: Blabbermouth


Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear have joined the cast for the final season of House of Cards. The Netflix series will focus on Robin Wright's character following Kevin Spacey's departure. (Hollywood Reporter)

Jim Caviezel is in talks to reprise his role as Jesus Christ in director Mel Gibson's sequel to The Passion of the Christ. (Hollywood Reporter)

Katherine Heigl will join Suits for its eight season as a series regular. This comes on the heels of USA network announcing that regulars Patrick J. Adams and princess-to-be Meghan Markle won't be returning. Production on the new season begins in April.


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