News You Need: The Batman Goes Backwards Again

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*Morning high of 39 then temps fall to 25


Thrill seekers will have another chance to ride BATMAN™: The Ride...Backward at Six Flags.  The ski-lift style car on the ride will be turned 180° in the opposite direction so that guests travel more than 2,000 feet of track facing backward. The change happens It's happening March 24th through May 13th.  When it opened in 1995, the Batman brought the first inverted, looping coaster experience to Six Flags St. Louis,allowing guests to fly beneath the track with their feet dangling.



Olympics Ban Lifted For Some Russian Athletes - 

Russia can send some athletes who were “benched” to South Korea.  More than two-dozen Russian athletes who were banned from the Olympics for life for doping will now be allowed to compete in this month's Winter Games. The Court of Arbitration for Sport today overturned suspensions given to 28 Russian athletes. 

Source: USA Today

Ammo Seller Defends Himself After Las Vegas Backlash - 

An Arizona man who sold at least 700 tracer rounds to the Las Vegas shooter insists he did nothing illegal.

Douglas Haig runs a website out of the Phoenix-area that specializes in sales of custom ammunition, but it's now closed indefinitely. Sources confirm that Haig is named as the second person of interest in the investigation into the October mass shooting during the Route 91 music festival. He became the second person of interest after an Amazon box with his name was found inside the shooter’s hotel room.

Haig has admitted to Phoenix reporters that he sold ammunition to Stephen Paddock, the gunman who fired into a crowd of concertgoers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, killing 58 and injuring hundreds.

Investigators are not commenting. 

Source: CBS News

Missile Defense Test Off Hawaii Fails - 

It’s back to square one for a joint U.S. - Japan missile defense system.

The Defense Department has confirmed that a test of an interceptor missile done at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Hawaii has failed. No one is saying what the flaw was, but it’s the second straight failure for the system.

The SM-3 Block IIA, which can be deployed from land or ships as part of the Missile Defense system, is a joint U.S.-Japan project designed to counter any missiles from North Korea or other countries in the region.

Source: NBC News

Nashville Mayor Admits To Having An Affair - 

Nashville's mayor is admitting that she had an affair with a former member of her security staff.

In a press conference, Democratic Mayor Megan Barry said she accepts full responsibility for the pain she's caused to her family. The relationship with Metro police Sgt. Robert Forrest Jr. was uncovered when their spouses had conversations. The news was apparently about to go public in the press.

Barry, who’s been a very popular figure, remarked that she's a human with human failings, and that didn't change when she became mayor. She added that her office would provide whatever documentation is needed as the matter is investigated.

Barry said she knows God will forgive her, but Nashville doesn't have to, and she's going to work to regain the trust of her constituents. She added that she and her husband are talking about finding a way to heal.

Source: USA Today


*The blues play Boston tonight, it's an away game

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