TRENDIN' WITH TRISTAN: Celebrity Big Brother

There Are Over 900 Prop Bets For The Super Bowl - If you want to have fun with the quirky side of the betting world, try some Super Bowl prop bets.

There are more than ever before and they range from what color shirt will Bill Beichick wear to what color will Pink’s hair be for the Anthem...

Naturally, a lot of the bets have to do with Tom Brady. Those questions include: How many times will his age be mentioned during the broadcast? How many times will his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen be shown on TV during the game?

There is a bundle of money at stake but remember, if you’re going to lay down your money, get your guess as accurate as possible. 

Source: Good Morning America


USA Network has renewed Suits for an eighth season after the departure of stars Patrick J. Adams andMeghan Markle. Both actors will leave the series at the end of the seventh season. Meanwhile, Showtime has canceled the Andrew Dice Clay series Dice, and Hulu has canceled the drama series Shut Eye after two seasons.

Zachary Quinto will once again replace Leonard Nimoy. The current Spock has signed on to host a reboot of In Search Of for the History channel. Nimoy hosted the series in the late '70s and early '80s.


Leslie Jones will return to the Olympics as a contributor for NBC. The SNL cast member covered the Rio summer games in 2016 after enthusiastically tweeted about the events. NBC’s live prime-time coverage of the Winter Olympics begins February 8th. (Page Six)

Film critic Richard Roeper has been suspended from the Chicago Sun-Times after he allegedly bought fake followers on Twitter. The paper's editor in chief Chris Fusco said, "We're investigating these issues. We will not be publishing any reviews or columns by Rich until this investigation is complete." (NY Daily News)


Will Smith Teases Possible “Fresh Prince” Cartoon - 

Americans love the “reboot” craze and there’s one one more to get pumped about!

At the same time “Fresh Prince Toys” are in the works, Will Smith teased a cartoon of the show. Artists Howard Russell did an animated workup of the popular 90’s sitcom and Smith shared it online. Needless to say fans went wild!

There’s no word on an an animated show actually going forward.

Source: TMZ


*Rapper DMX - was jailed Tuesday for failing a drug test while awaiting sentencing for dodging $1.7 million in federal taxes. The hip-hop icon tested positive for cocaine, and opioids including Oxycodone, Manhattan federal Judge Jed Rakoff said in court before revoking his $500,000 bond. Rakoff also said the rapper failed to bring along a court-ordered “mobile drug counselor” when he went to St. Louis to perform on January 20th. 

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