News You Need - Another Winter Storm Is Barreling Across The Country


*Lots of sunshine today the high is 26


Temporary restrictions will be put in place at Creve Coeur Lake Park as crews attempt to remove Asian Carp. The Missouri Department of Parks and Recreation said the invasive fish have been damaging the fishery for years.This Sunday, crews will divide the lake with nets and herd the Asian Carp into different divisions of the netting using acoustic sound and localized electricity. They will eventually bring all the fish into one collection point and sort out the native fish from the Asian Carp. The native fish will then be released back into the lake.Fifty biologists on 12 boats hope to accomplish the removal of the Asian Carp in two weeks but ice on the lake could prolong the project.The goal is to have the lake back open to the public by Feb. 17.


Another Winter Storm Is Barreling Across The Country - 

The South and Northeast are in the path of more winter weather.

More than 80 million people from Texas to Maine are under winter storm alerts as a mix of snow, freezing rain and bitter cold make life miserable for much of the country. Southern states not used to such weather seem to be having the toughest time dealing with the conditions. Last night, Houston police were reporting 278 traffic accidents, with more than 100 of them considered major.

While there isn’t supposed to be heavy accumulation, it will be enough to impact travel. Air travel is also a mess, with over a thousand flights cancelled at Texas airports. More airports in the storm’s path will also cancel flights today. Snow is expected from northeast Texas into parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, as well as up the East Coast and into New England.

Source: Weather Channel

The Navy Is Charging Former Commanders Involved In Deadly Ship Crashes - 

The commanding officers of two Navy destroyers involved in deadly accidents are being charged with negligent homicide.

Former Cmdr. Bryce Benson of the USS Fitzgerald and former Cmdr. Alfredo J. Sanchez of the USS John S. McCain are not the only ones being charged. Two lieutenants and one lieutenant junior grade of the Fitzgerald plus a Chief Petty Officer on the McCain were also charged.

Each are also facing charges of dereliction of duty and hazarding a vessel. Several other sailors will see “action” taken for their part in the tragedies. The charges will be presented at an Article 32 hearing, which will determine whether the accused are court-martialed.

The collision last June between the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship left seven crew members dead. Ten sailors died in the collision between the McCain and a merchant ship last August.

 Source: Fox News


*St. Louis beat Toronto 2-1, they don't play again until tomorrow night

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