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*It's cold out there, bring in those pets, wind chill advisory until Noon, today's high is only 15.


*The 18th Annual Hardees Rise ‘N Shine for Heat event happens on Friday, Feb. 9th. Donations and sales of Sausage Egg Biscuits and Egg Biscuits will benefit Heat Up St. Louis.  They are still looking for volunteers for the event, to sign up head to



Affects Of Tamiflu On Kids Spurs FDA To Highlight Risks - 

With flu season peaking, we now have to worry about the medication that fights it.

Concern is growing over the effects of a flu medication after a six-year-old Texas girl started hallucinating and tried to jump out a window. Her family says the girl was seeing things that weren't there and acting abnormally after taking Tamiflu.  Doctors say Tamiflu has rare, but nasty side effects.

The FDA says that children and teens with the flu may be at higher risk.

Source: New York Daily News

Japanese TV station sent people into a panic

*Just two days after Hawaiians were sent a false alert about an incoming ballistic missile and led to believe that their demise was imminent, a Japanese TV station sent people into a panic with a similar false alarm.

Japan's national broadcaster, NHK News, sent a text message alert saying that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile at Japan and residents should seek shelter immediately. Unlike the Hawaii false alarm, which took about 38 minutes to be retracted, Japanese residents received another message just a few minutes later saying, "Patterns of North Korean missile launch is erroneous." The TV station also apologized on air and said that the message was sent by the station in error and that no government alert had been issued. It's unclear how the false alert was sent out. 

Source: Reuters

Multi-Nation Meeting Over North Korea Is Happening In Canada - 

Officials from 20 nations will meet in Vancouver today to discuss how to put more pressure on North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons program.

The meeting, hosted by Canada and U.S. Secretaries of State will look for ways to make sure UN sanctions against North Korea are implemented. It will be attended primarily by nations that backed the South in the Korean War. China and Russia, which supported the North at the time, will not be attending.

Source: CBC


The Blues were off this weekend, they do play Toronto tonight, it's away game and Rest In Peace former chairman Mike Shanahan, he passed away at the age of 78

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