News You Need: Flu Season & Why It's So Bad


*Flurries early this morning, today's high 26


*You can dine out today to help raise funds for former Rock Hill Police Officer Matthew Crosby was shot and paralyzed while responding to a domestic violence call.  More than 20 restaurants throughout the greater St. Louis area are participating.  



Trump Cancels London Trip - 

President Trump is canceling a planned trip to London.

Trump tweeted last night that he canceled because he doesn't want to cut the ribbon at the new U.S. embassy. He posted that he's not a big fan of the Obama administration selling the old embassy for what he called peanuts and building a new embassy for one-point-two billion dollars.

The State Department says the decision to build a new London embassy was made by the George W. Bush administration in 2006. Trump announced his decision last night after British newspapers reported the trip was canceled because of fears about mass protests against Trump in London.

The new embassy opens to the public next week. 

Source: USA Today

University Of Pennsylvania Student’s Death Is Under Investigation - 

Police have a lot more questions now that a missing college student’s body has been found.

New details are being released in the case of a University of Pennsylvania student whose body was found in a Southern California park. According to a search warrant affidavit, the friend who last saw Blaze Bernstein appeared to be nervous when interviewed by detectives. The friend apparently had cuts and scratches on his hands, dirt underneath his fingernails, and hiking and camping equipment in his car.

The friend claims that he dropped Bernstein off at Borrego Park on January 2nd and never saw him again. No arrests have been made in the case. The 19-year-old’s death is lsited as a homicide.

Source: CBS News

On the same day Walmart announced it would raise the hourly minimum wage to $11 and give out $1,000 bonuses, the company said that it is shutting down or converting 63 of its Sam's Club membership warehouse stores.

Walmart said it's making the move to improve online order fulfillment and also due to less population growth than anticipated in some regions.

About 50 of the locations affected will be shuttered, with about 10 of those closing as of today (Thursday). The others will be closed in the next three or four weeks. Among those closing are three locations in Indiana. Possible closures in cities ranging from Memphis to Atlanta to Houston are also being reported.

Approximately a dozen stores will be converted to regional distribution centers to handle online orders, but workers at those stores have no guarantee they will be rehired in a new capacity. 

USA Today

FDA Bans Use Of Opioid Cough Meds By Kids And Teens - 

The FDA is moving to keep young Americans safe from opioid addiction.

The FDA says kids and teens should never take prescription cough and cold medicines that contain opioids. The agency says it's revising warnings on products that contain codeine and oxycodone, and will label them for use only in adults over age 18.

The FDA says “Given the epidemic of opioid addiction, we’re concerned about unnecessary exposure to opioids, especially in young children. We know that any exposure to opioid drugs can lead to future addiction.”

The new labels will even warn adult users about the risks of addiction, overdose and death. The move is in response to the national opioid epidemic. Experts say parents should always read labels before giving their children any medicine, even if it's purchased over the counter.

Source: FDA


Make Your Goals Happen By Doing These Things Daily - 

You can make your 2018 goals a reality.

In order to achieve you must focus and there are three things that will help. Try them!

  • Morning mantra meditation. Use positive affirmations to boost your mood and productivity.
  • Afternoon affirmation. Yes, a second dose!
  • An evening dream. Before you fall asleep at night, think of how you’ll feel when reaching your goal. Now picture it! That will give you some sweet dreams.

Source: Today


*The Blues are off until Tuesday!

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