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Windchill Advisory today, mostly sunny high 19


The East Coast is bracing for heavy snow & that's affecting travel at Lambert Airport.  More than a half dozen flights have been cancelled already from North Carolina to Boston.



Who couldn't use a little extra cash right after the holiday season? Good news: there is nearly $1 billion up for grabs this weekend in the country's two biggest lottery games.

There were no winners in last night's Powerball drawing, which means Saturday night's jackpot is now worth $550 million. But if you need to win millions before then, Friday night's Mega Millions jackpot is now $418 million. It's the first time that both major lottery games are worth more than $400 million

 (USA Today)

Missing Texas Girls Are Safe; Suspected Kidnapper In Custody -

 Two Texas girls are safe after disappearing for almost a week.

Round Rock police say Lili Griffith and Lulu Bandera-Magret were found safe last night. The man suspected of abducting them, Terry Miles, is in custody. Miles was detained in Colorado.

Chief Allen Banks said in a news conference that the suspect was nabbed after driving erratically and a high risk traffic stop performed. The missing girls were in the vehicle with him.

The girls vanished December 30th after their mother was found dead. Miles was rommates with Tonya Bates before her suspicious death.

Source: NBC News

One Of North Korea’s Missiles May Have Crashed In One Of Its Own Cities - 

There are reports that a missile North Korea test-launched last spring crashed into a city near the capital of Pyongyang.

According to the Japanese news site "The Diplomat," an intermediate-range ballistic missile crashed into the city of Tokchun about a minute after launch. The missile exploded and caused what U.S. sources call considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings. The report says there were casualties.

The launch in late April was the third in a series of failed launches that month. The isolated communist nation successfully launched its first flight-test of an IRBM about two weeks later. 

Source: The Diplomat

Trump Dissolves Voter Fraud Commission - 

President Trump is dissolving his voter fraud commission.

The President signed an order to close the Commission on Election Integrity. Trump explained that many states have refused to provide basic information relevant to the commission's probe.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was the panel’s vice-chairman and says “It got to the point where the staff of the commission was spending more time responding to litigation than doing an investigation. Think of it as an option play; a decision was made in the middle of the day to pass the ball. The Department of Homeland Security is going to be able to move faster and more efficiently than a presidential advisory commission.”

Trump is also ordering the Department of Homeland Security to look at the issue and determine further action. Trump formed the commission to combat what he claimed was widespread voter fraud.

Source: New York Times


The Blues take on the Vegas Golden Knights tonight at Scottrade

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