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*Sunny with some clouds today, high is 45


*6 finalists have been namde in the search for St. Louis Police Chief. Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards is expected to make a final decision by the end of the month. 


*A suspect was arrested after he shot 2 police officers & barricaded himself in a home in Bellefontaine Neighbors.  The officers are ok, they were protected by their bullet proof vests.   



*The FCC may have voted to end net neutrality on Thursday by a party-line, three-to-two vote, but opponents of the decision don't plan to go quietly.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said he plans to lead a multi-state lawsuit over the decision and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said he'll also file suit over the vote.

Prior to the decision, Schneiderman was looking into as many as two million public comments that are said to be fake that were submitted to the FCC. He maintains that by moving ahead with the vote, the FCC made "a mockery of government integrity" and was rewarding "the very perpetrators who scammed the system to advance their own agenda."

Ferguson said in a statement, "Allowing internet service providers to discriminate based on content undermines a free and open internet."

NBC News

*The Interior Department of the U.S. government has fired four senior managers for inappropriate behavior, including sexual harassment, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced on Thursday.

Zinke made the announcement in a video that was posted on the department's website on Thursday. In the clip, Zinke said, "I've already removed four senior leaders that were guilty of inappropriate behavior and I will remove four hundred more if necessary. Intimidation, harassment and discrimination is a cancer to any organization. However deep it goes, we will remove it from Interior."

An Interior spokeswoman Heather Swift declined to provide more information about those fired and details on their misdeeds, saying only that they generally "abused their authority to intimidate or harass fellow employees. This includes but is not limited to sexual harassment." 

ABC News

New Charge in Deadly Charlottesville Attack

James Alex , the man accused of driving into protesters at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville this summer is now facing a possible charge of first-degree murder in the death of Heather Heyer. 

Prosecutors went to court with surveillance footage and other evidence in an attempt to upgrade his second-degree murder charge to first-degree murder with a judge ruling that there is probable cause for the change. Prosecutors will now go to the grand jury for an indictment. 

Surveillance footage from the August incident shows the moment of impact and also Alex reversing, driving away and then getting pulled over. Alex was described by prosecutors as having an interest in Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler, and said the school he used to work at in Kentucky singled him out for his “deeply held, radical" beliefs about race. 

Source: NBC News

Internet mocks Donald Trump, Jr. for Net Neutrality Tweet –

 Following the FCC’s vote to overturn Net Neutrality regulations, Donald Trump, Jr. took to Twitter to call out those against the decision, and it was met with some major blowback.

"I would pay good money to see all those people complaining about Obama's FCC chairman voting to repeal #NetNeutality (sic) actually explain it in detail," he tweeted. "I'd bet most hadn't heard of it before this week."

First he was berated for misspelling neutrality, and then others couldn’t help but notice his mistake in calling FCC Chairman Ajit Pai “Obama’s FCC Chairman,” when it was his dad who elevated him to that position. Check out some of the reaction below.

Source: USA Today 

California Issues First Licenses for Legal Marijuana 

 California got one step closer to their legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The state yesterday issued their first business licenses for recreational pot sales, which will become legal in January. 

A company called Pure CA, which does business as Moxie brand products and sells cannabis extracts, was the first to get the license. "I couldn't be more excited," says Moxie CEO Jordan Lams. Meanwhile, Torrey Holistics in San Diego, got the first license for recreational retail sales.

Overall, 20 licenses were issued on the first day, with Lori Ajax, the state's top marijuana regulator, saying many more are expected before January 1st. 

Source: NBC News


*The Blues lost to the Ducks 3-1

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