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Partly cloudy high 58, there's a red flag warning today which means be careful with fire because we have low humidity 


A church in Belleville is hosting an exhibit where you can see more than 60 nativity displays.  The most talked about one uses a hipster approach.  In one scene Mary is holding a coffee while Joseph is taking a selfie.  You can see the Nativities from Around the World exhibit at the cathedral of Saint Peter through Tuesday.


A yummy new restaurant opens today in the Central West End, it's called the "Shake Shack" & it was first opened in New York City by a St. Louis native & John Burroughs grad.  The restaurant became so popular, you can now find them all over the world.  The burgers were inspired by Steak-N-Shake.



*Reports are breaking of an explosion near New York City's busy Port Authority bus terminal, and police are investigating a possible pipe bomb

The blast occurred in a subway passageway. Subway trains are bypassing the Times Square station. The Port Authority is not yet reporting any delays into or out of the terminal, but police are closing off the surrounding streets. There are reports of a handful of minor injuries. 


*Fires continued to burn in parts of Southern California on Sunday for a second week, leaving authorities concerned that the fires could continue to grow and threaten other areas.

So far, one death has been attributed to the fires and the blazes have burned down more than 800 structures, while thousands of others have been threatened. Officials continue to be worried about the strong winds that have blown through some areas, fanning the flames.

On Sunday, "red flag warnings" continued to be in effect for much of Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

California Governor Jerry Brown lamented the conditions that paved the way for the destructive fires, saying, "This is kind of the new normal. We're facing a new reality in this state, where fires threaten people's lives, their property, their neighborhoods and, of course, billions and billions of dollars." 

The Washington Post

Round Two Of Winter Weather Targets The U.S. Northern Tier-

Another shot of winter weather is on the way.

This weekend, the South and Southeast got blanketed by snow, followed by the Northeast. Some areas got up to seven inches of snow and now they have little time to get set for the next batch.

The system is currently sweeping through the Great Lakes and will quickly make its way to the Northeast. The good news is the speed of the storm will lessen any snow totals.

The National Weather Service has posted various winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings and winter storm watches from Upstate New York state through Vermont, New Hampshire and into Maine. 

Source: Weather Channel

One Senator Could Upset The Tax Bill Apple Cart-

Senator Susan Collins is on the fence about whether she'll support the GOP's tax reform plan.

The Maine Republican tells CBS's "Face the Nation" that here are major differences between the House and Senate bills. Collins added, "I don't know where the bill is going to come out." Collins says she doesn't "want seniors to have the anxiety of wondering whether the tax bill is going to trigger a cut in Medicare."

Collins says she'll base her support on what comes out of the House and Senate conference committee. The lawmaker has made it clear she will oppose a tax bill that includes a four-percent cut in Medicare.

Source: CBS News

Trump Accusers Will Talk To The Press Today-

A group of women who've accused President Trump of sexual misconduct are holding a news conference at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time in New York City.

The women are among 16 who claim they were sexually harassed or even assaulted by Trump before he was elected President, claims he and the White House have repeatedly denied. The President's accusers appear in a video by Brave New Films detailing allegations, including groping, fondling and forcible kissing. That company is hosting the news event.

The women are demanding a congressional probe into their allegations and three will tell their stories this morning on NBC's "Megyn Kelly Today." On Sunday Nikki Haley, Trump's United Nations Ambassador, said all women accusing men of sexual misconduct deserve to be heard, including those accusing President Trump.

 Source: The Hill

NAVY Sailor Staged Racist Vandalism On Himself-

A sailor who posted disturbing photos of what was his ransacked living quarters on the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush, apparently did the damage himself.

The unnamed soldier wrote on social media, “I proudly serve the Navy and this is what I’m receiving in return,” he wrote in the post. "#SailorAskingForHelp things are getting out of hand. Please share. Somebody knows something. Thank you all for your guidance.”

An NCIS investigation revealed he wasn’t telling the whole truth and the agency came to the conclusion that the man staged the vandalism himself.

The sailor wasn’t charged with a crime, but was disciplined, underwent training, and still served aboard the vessel.

Source: New York Daily News


*The Blues beat Buffalo yesterday 3-2, they are off until tomorrow

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