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*Plentiful sunshine high 41


*Don't forget to lock your car, thieves are targeting unlocked cars around town.  There were several burglaries in Swansea, Illinois. Police are investigating.


*Freezing temps are predicted in the area so the City of St. Louis began their winter operations including outreach and adding beds to shelters to accomodate homeless men, women and children.

Individuals or families seeking shelter should contact the following agencies:

St. Louis Housing Helpline: 314-802-5044

United Way: 211

Biddle Housing Opportunities Center: 314-612-1675



FBI Is Focusing On Brothers In Border Agent Killing-

FBI agents investigating a Border Patrol agent's death are taking a close look at two brothers said to be human smugglers.

Border Patrol agent Rogelio [[ roh-HAY-lee-oh ]] Martinez was fatally injured as he and his partner patrolled Interstate 10 east of El Paso last month. His partner was seriously injured and has no memory of the incident.

An informant told the FBI the brothers had talked about assaulting the agents. One of the brothers is now in federal custody on immigration charges.

The Border Patrol union has said it believes the two were ambushed attack. and is treating the case as a potential . The local sheriff's office has said the agents' car might have been accidentally sideswiped by a semi. 

Source: Washington Post

The DOJ IS Going To Investigate Planned Parenthood’s Fetal Tissue Program-

The Justice Department is moving to investigate Planned Parenthood's fetal tissue practices.

The Department sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee yeterday, asking for documents from the committee's investigation last year. The panel looked into claims Planned Parenthood profited by selling fetal tissue and body parts to research companies. The letter says the Justice Department plans a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the report Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa gave to the FBI. Grassley said the committee's findings warrant an FBI investigation of Planned Parenthood.

Source: Fox News

Suspected Tampa Killer Gets Formally Charged-

The suspect in Tampa's serial killings is formally being charged with four murders.

Florida State Attorney Andrew Warren said a grand jury has indicted Howell Donaldson the Third on four counts of premeditated murder with a firearm. Prosecutors can now build their case in the killings of Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Hoffa, Anthony Naiboa, and Ronald Felton.

Meanwhile, a judge is telling Donaldson’s parents to answer prosecutors’ questions or be held in contempt of court. The couple has refused to give information on their son’s mental state, background, and gun possession. Their court date is January 5.

Donaldson is set to be arraigned on Tuesday. He was arrested last month at a McDonald's after police recovered a gun they linked to recent killings in city's Seminole Heights neighborhood. 

Source: Fox 13 Tampa

VA Reverses Decision To Cut Homeless Program-

The VA is reversing a decision to slash its homeless program to avoid more backlash.

The Department of Veterans Affairs was planning on ending a 460-million dollar program that helps provide housing to homeless veterans. When news got out, the anger was palpable.

Here’s how it unfolded. VA secretary David Shulkin and HUD secretary Ben Carson held a press conference on November 27 touting the commitment to end veteran homelessness. On December 1, without consulting HUD or anyone else, the VA decided to end the program.

In response to lawmaker, public and HUD anger, Shulkin put out a statement that said “there will be absolutely no change in the funding to support our homeless programs,” and the department “will not be shifting any homeless program money to the Choice program,” which allows veterans to seek health care at facilities outside the VA.

Source: The Hill

The fires in Southern California continued on Thursday with more evacuations and a new blaze erupting in San Diego, leading California Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency there.

At this point, more than 200,000 people have been forced from their homes in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. 

So far, the fires have burned more than 400 structures. That number will likely go up when officials can survey burned-out area.

But there was some good news. In L.A. County, conditions improved enough that officials allowed residents once threatened by the fires to return home on Thursday evening. 

The New York Times


The Blues beat the Dallas Stars 3-0, they play again tomorrow night

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