The 8 Friends You Need in Life

Tom Rath and the Gallup Organization discovered that no ONE friend can give you everything you need from relationships.  They say there are 8 friends you need to be happy.

1. The Builder

A supportive friend who motivates you and encourages you to take it to the next level.

2. The Champion

A friend who always roots for you and sings your praises to others.

3. The Collaborator

That friend with similar interests.  One that, the moment you see each other, you roll up your sleeves and get to work..

4. The Companion

To put it simply, a best friend. They will still be there when everyone else has run for cover.

5. The Connector

This friend, no matter the issue, knows somebody who can help.

6. The Energizer

This is your FUN friend. The person who always makes you laugh.

7. The Mind Opener

Talking to this friend makes your brain do things straight out of the dream sequences from “Inception.”

8. The Navigator

This friend is sometimes a mentor, sometimes a sounding board, and always your GPS system for when you’re not sure where to go next.


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