Billy & Julie's Facebook Furball: Rudee & Peppa


Rudee & Peppa are a sweet bonded pair that need to be adopted together. Rudee is a 8-10 years old, a hound shepherd mix and his daughter Peppa an Australian Shepherd mix.  They were rescued from Tennessee and were part of a feral colony there.  Rudee the old guy is super sweet and he'll always want to be by your side, if you are sitting down he'll be right next to you laying on your, , his daughter Peppa is sweet too but she's only confident if her dad is around.  They tried to adopt them out separately but the old guy Rudee escaped his foster home and ran 15 miles to find his daughter again.  They need a household with a privacy fence and a lot of love to give.   They are really cute together because they play and lay on eachother. They are great with kids!

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