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*Lots of sunshine today, the high is 50


*Stop by your bank and get some cash on the way to work this morning, it's Old Newsboys Day. They are raising money for children's charities so don't roll up your window and ignore them Billy Greenwood! Chairman Billy Busch will be at the corner of Brentwood and Maryland Avenue in Clayton this morning.


*Did you see all that smoke in the sky last night in the STL?  It was a hugh fire in South St. Louis. The fire started at 10:30am at a warehouse which housed citronella candles, paperback books and toys for an upcoming Shriner's event.  Firefighters still cannot enter the building to find out what caused the fire. firefighters say it's unclear what toxins are in the air but residents in the path of the smoke are urged to shelter in place and turn off their heat so the toxins don't enter their home.



AT&T Says Yes There Was An Outage-

If your AT&T device or cable was down, no it wasn’t just you.

It took a while, but AT&T let customers know yesterday that an outage was happening, so customers let the company know they weren’t happy via Twitter. Even T-Mobile chimed in that AT&T’s rates “are unacceptable even if it was working, but that is a story for another day.”

AT&T share the fix with users of rebooting their phone. Posts online indicated that some people had to try multiple reboots. If rebooting didn’t help, turning airplane mode on and off worked. Keep this info for future reference!

The mobile company hasn’t said what caused the blackout. 

Source: Pocketnow

*A massive manhunt is underway for a gunman who shot a Baltimore police officer and then ran off.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis says the homicide detective, who has not yet been named, was working in a troubled area of the city Wednesday afternoon when he was shot by a "cold, callous killer." The officer is hospitalized and fighting for his life while the search is on for the shooter. A $60,000 reward has been offered for any information leading to an arrest. (Baltimore Sun)

*A painting by Leonardo da Vinci set a record on Wednesday night, selling for $450.3 million at an auction. The painting, titled "Salvator Mundi," easily surpassed the price of previous most-expensive painting, Picasso's "Women of Algiers," which sold for $179.4 million in May 2015. The new owner of the painting wasn't initially revealed.

During the auction at Christie's, there were audible gasps as the price rose by tens of millions to $225 million, then by $5 million increments and then by twos before the high bidder finally won out. At one point, when a potential buyer considered another bid, the auctioneer noted, "It's an historic moment; we'll wait."

The painting depicts Jesus with his right hand raised and holding an crystal orb in his left.

The New York Times


The Blues are taking on the Edmonton Oilers tonight at 8pm, it's an away game

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