Billy & Julie's Facebook Furball: Herman & Touchette


There are 2 furballs up for adoption today! They are not a pair, they can be adopted separately!  Herman is 7 years old but he has a lot of spunk! He was rescued from the euthanasia list at Animal Control.  He's missing hair on the back part of his body, it's not a health issue or anything he just went bald early! Touchette is 8 months old, she was rescued outside of the Touchette Hospital in Centerville as a stray.  They are both very dog friendly!  They make everyone laugh because they love to play and run around the yard together at the shelter.  They'd be good in a home with other dogs!  Herman could probably have cat friends but Touchette is scared of cats. Herman is a Lab/Retriever & Touchette is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd.

To find out more about Herman CLICK HERE 

To find out more about Touchette CLICK HERE


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