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*Sunny today, high 54


*Prop P was passed by voters in the City of St. Louis, it's a sales tax increase to provide funding for first responders in the City.

*Rest in Peace a Normandy Police Dog passed away, his name was "Argo"


*NASA needs our help!  There are 2 objects floating in space around Pluto. One of them already has a name "MU69" but NASA wants a fun nickname for the other one because it will get lots of attention in the coming years.


*Uber signed a deal with NASA today to develop a flying car project that could take off in some big cities as early as 2020.

The ride-sharing service announced at a tech conference in Portugal that it has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA with the goal of creating vertical take-off and landing vehicles that will fly at low altitudes. The service will be called Uber Elevate. The company wants to try the project in several cities by 2020 and have it up and running in time for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.


*Roy Halladay, a retired star pitcher for the Blue Jays and Phillies, was killed today yesterday when his private plane crashed into Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast. The eight time All Star -- and only the second man ever to throw a post-season no-hitter -- was just 40.

The Washington Post

AG Sessions Will Testify Again About Russia-

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will return to Capitol Hill next week and will likely be grilled again about Russia.

The House Judiciary Committee has confirmed Sessions for a Justice Department oversight hearing next Tuesday. Democrats have accused Sessions of making conflicting statements about past meetings with Russian officials and now they will be able to ask as many questions as they want. One focus will be his ties to former Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos.

Earlier this year, Sessions recused himself from the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Now-former Senator Sessions was a top adviser to the Trump presidential campaign. The Senate Judiciary Committee may also ask to speak with the Attorney General. 

Source: The Hill

Trump To North Korea: “Don’t Try Us”-

President Trump is sending a stern warning to North Korea.

Speaking to the South Korean National Assembly, Trump said the North should not underestimate or try the U.S. He argued that the U.S. and allies will not be intimidated or blackmailed by the threat of nuclear weapons. The president called for a greater international effort to curb the North's nuclear program. He said the North must embrace total denuclearization.

Trump warned that a provocative action by North Korea would be fatal miscalculation. Trump condemned what he called the "twisted regime" in North Korea. At one point speaking directly to Kim Jong-Un, he said “despite every crime you have committed against God and man”, the US was prepared to resolve the crisis diplomatically.

He argued that the North is ruled like a cult and is a "hell that no person deserves” and noted that the North rewards political loyalty and punishes dissent. Trump also said too many North Koreans die of hunger.

Source: Guardian


*The Blues beat the New Jersey Devils 3-1

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