TRENDIN' Oprah reveals her favorite things!!!

OPRAH reveals her favorite things:

A look at a few of Oprah's favorite things for 2017:

GRATITUDE GLASS JAR: These handblown jars on a pedestal base have wooden lids and come with 365 bronze-foil adorned cards for families to log the things they truly appreciate. $45.

LOUVELLE SHOWER TURBAN: Made of quick-dry fabric with a waterproof lining, these turban-style shower caps come in fun patterns and colors to make that blowout last. Oh, and there's an adjustable knot for just the right fit. $40.

EMI JAY SMOOSH SHIRTS AND PANTS: If she could, Oprah would live in these ultra-soft but slightly structured sweat pants and shirts that come in light pink, gray and black, with an adjustable tie at the loose turtleneck. Shirts, $136. Pants, $132.

*HONEY CAN DO HERB PRESERVER: Oprah grows a lot of her own herbs but often has the same problem as the rest of us: They quickly go yucky. Add a little water at the bottom of this glass jar, seal and keep herbs fresh for up to two weeks. $20.

*SMART NORA SNORE SOLUTION: Give the gift of a snore solution that doesn't involve mouth guards, nose strips or straps. It DOES involve a little Bluetooth-enabled, egg-shaped device that sits on a nightstand and is triggered by the snore. It then gently and slowly pumps up an inflatable pillow insert tucked into a pillowcase to shift the culprit's sleeping position and lessen the noise. $299.

EMU AUSTRALIA MAYBERRY SHEEPSKIN SLIPPERS: With a sturdy lug sole, these fuzzy slides come in bright pink, blue and orange. Oprah was a bit skeptical at first, Glassman said. "She said, really? I think my, like, Aunt Estelle used to wear those." They're not unlike furry footwear found on runways and in the streets of New York and Paris, he noted. $60.

*FIVE POUNDS OF FRESH BLUEBERRIES: Wild blueberries frozen and shipped in a cardboard box within 24 hours of harvest from Josh Pond Farm in Whiting, Maine, near the northeast coast. Little secret: The farm is owned by TV exec Lorne Michaels, Glassman said. $50.

*KATZ'S DELI DINNER FOR FOUR: The famed New York City deli will ship matzo ball soup, pastrami, corned beef, mustard, rye bread, knishes, pickles and chocolate or cinnamon babka to your chosen people. "I grew up going to Katz's. My parents grew up on the Lower East Side," Glassman said. "Nobody makes pastrami better." $125.

*MODEL BAKERY ENGLISH MUFFINS: Due to Oprah's obsession with these muffins, they're back for a second year, Glassman said. She even travels with them and brought a batch to the set of "A Wrinkle in Time" in New Zealand for cast and crew to enjoy. The artisanal darlings from this small Napa bakery come in a set with six original and six spelt. $35.

*CASA DRAGONES JOVEN SIPPING TEQUILA: Oprah likes her tequila. This bottle for sipping is made by a woman-owned, small-batch distillery in Mexico and is her go-to. It's a blend of silver and extra-aged tequila. The sipping bottle is pricy at $285. Oprah's also offering a tequila blanco at $75 for mixing into cocktails.

YELLOW LEAF HAMMOCKS: Oprah once bought a house because it had a hammock hanging in the yard, Glassman said. These classic doubles are made in Thailand by artisan weavers. "When she stopped doing the daily talk show everyone was like, what are you gonna do and she goes I'm just gonna be laying in my hammock reading a book," Glassman said. "That lasted about two days." $199.

THE ECHO SHOW: Alexa has gone video. There's a built-in screen to show content of all kinds, from Amazon, YouTube, even your own security cameras. Ask her to pull up photos and shopping lists. $230.

See the full list of Oprah’s Favorite Things at


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House of Cards: Several employees on the show have accused the show's star Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander: The supermodel and the World Champion Houston Astros superstar pitcher are set to get married in Italy this weekend.

Oprah's Favorite Things: She's released her longest holiday gift list, featuring 102 items.

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#CallItWhatYouWant: That's the title of the just-released Taylor Swift track.


*Corey Feldman has always talked about pedophiles in Hollywood but never really named names, I think he's afraid of lawsuits and he's not super rich or anything anymore I dont think!  He was on Dr. Oz and he said there are 5-6 people he knows about, one of them is Jon Grissom.  He was his personal assistant back then


Harry Styles Has A Close Call With A Kiwi-Harry Styles reportedly slipped on a kiwi during a concert in London on Monday.

The singer was in the middle of a song when he slipped and nearly fell on the fruit after it was thrown on stage. The fruit is said to have been used to get Styles' attention and convince him to perform his song "Kiwi."

Before moving onto the next song, the former “1D” member playfully shamed fans for bringing fruit to the concert. "There was an actual kiwi onstage and that was the culprit. There was a green, seedy mush on the floor. Oh, there's another one. This could end up being a problem." he continued, "If anyone else brought fruit to this show.... did anyone else? Shame on you."

Source: BBC


Randy Quaid Details He Was Raped As A Child-Randy Quaid is the latest person to come forward detailing that he was sexually assaulted.

The now 67-year-old actor detailed on Twitter that when he was just five, a 14-year-old neighbor raped him. The teen was a friend according to Quaid. Though he doesn’t say the result, the “Christmas Vacation” actor reported the incident.

Quaid says it affected his acting and ended by saying it’s “time to drain the Hollywood swamp.”

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