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*Cloudy early with scattered thunderstorms this afternoon, high 72, showers also expected this evening


*A pizza delivery driver was robbed in the Gravois Park neighborhood.  Reports say it was 3 men, the robbers had a gun and they stole money, the keys to her minivan, but they did not take the vehicle & they stole the pizza. No one was injured. 



*Two men and a woman were killed last night from a shooting inside a Walmart in Thornton, Colorado. The shooter is still unidentified and on the loose in Colorado. 

(The Denver Post)

Utah Nurse Who Refused Blood Draw Settles Lawsuit-

The University of Utah Hospital nurse arrested for refusing to allow a Salt Lake City police detective to draw blood from an unconscious patient is getting a big settlement.  The attorney for Alex Wubbels announced yesterday that the nurse would be getting 500-thousand-dollars from the city and the hospital. 

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Facebook Gets “Dead Serious” About Russia Interference-

Mark Zuckerberg will not let Facebook be used to interfere in elections again.  That was the founder’s message to investors during an earnings call yesterday. While reporting the best quarter yet, Zuckerberg made it clear that the measures involved in beefing up security to avoid a Russian repeat will cut deeply into the bottom line.

.Source: USA Today

Manafort Faces Judge Today-

A hearing in the conspiracy case against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort goes before a federal judge today in Washington, DC.  Manafort has been on house arrest since pleading not guilty to a 12-count indictment Monday. The charges stem from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Today's hearing will focus on the terms of former campaign manager's bail conditions. Bail was set at 10-million-dollars and Manafort had to surrender his three U.S. passports.

Manafort and former business associate Rick Gates are accused of, among other things, laundering millions obtained from Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.

The men are currently under house detention.

Source: Politico

California Family Safe After Pirate Attack-

A missing family, boating on the Amazon, has been found safe.  Adam and Emily Harteau and their two daughters came through their ordeal with only bug bites and scratches. The Harteaus were headed down the Amazon River when gunmen boarded the boat they were on and forced it to go the city of Porto dos Dias.  Their crew and passengers were held hostage for several hours and stripped of their personal belongings before the pirates fled. The Harteau’s apparently fled the pirate scene and wandered the jungle, getting lost.  The family was checked out at the hospital and released.

Source: NBC News


*For the first time in 55-years, the Houston Astros are World Champions! They beat the Dodgers winning the World Series 5-1, in Game 7 on the Dodgers home turf! (

*The Blues take on Philadelphia tonight, it's a home game!

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