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Bobby Flay “Quit” Food Network Show During Filming-

A joke celebrity chef Bobby Flay played during “Iron Chef Showdown” filming this summer was a bad idea.

The celebrity chef was rumored to have walked away from the franchise after he showed off a shirt that read “THIS IS MY LAST IRON CHEF BATTLE EVER” during a filming of an episode last summer.

Flay admits to “People” it was a bad joke. “This past summer when I was in production on Iron Chef Showdown, I wore a T-shirt to have a little fun during my last battle this season. In hindsight, it was probably not the best decision because it’s just creating confusion.”

It’s unknown if the show will premiere as planned on Nov. 8 as Flay’s episode features chef John Besh, who resigned from his own company on Monday amid allegations that he enabled a culture of sexual harassment in his restaurants.

Source: People


*Actress Mandy Moore met her fiance on Instagram. Her fiance is Taylor Goldsmith is in a band and one day Mandy took a picture of their album and posted it on Instagram.  He saw it and sent her a note, they started talking and the rest is history!




Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy creator (44)

Keith Urban, singer (50)

Cary Elwes, actor (55) The Princess Bride "Wesley"...In 2014, he wrote a book: “As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of ‘The Princess Bride"

Dylan McDermott, actor (56)

Rita Wilson, actress (61)

Hillary Clinton, politician (70)

Pat Sajak, game show host (71)


“Bright” Trailer Features Will Smith-Netflix is showing off another movie for it’s viewers.

“Bright” is a fantasy thriller that will star Joel Edgerton and Will Smith. The pair play LAPD officers who deal with gangs and even supernatural stuff. It gets really crazy when they face a darkness that could change the world.

The movie hits Netflix on December 22.

Source: UPI


Bill Cosby is nearly bankrupt due to his legal problems.

The New York Post reports the disgraced comic is seeking a 30 million dollar loan to “pay for his mounting legal bills as he faces a retrial for sexual assault.”

Cosby is trying to convince the banks to use his 12,000-square-foot townhouse in New York City as collateral. A source revealed, (quote) “Cosby must be desperate. But the lenders aren’t keen to give Cosby the money. They don’t think he has enough equity.”

An additional issue for the banks is trying to sell the foreclosed property if Cosby defaults on the high-interest loan. They fear it would be impossible to find a buyer where “they’ll be sleeping in Cosby’s bedroom.” 

Talk About It:

  • The retrial is scheduled for the spring.
  • More than four dozen women accused Cosby of sexual assault.
  • Harvey Weinstein is catching a glimpse of his future -- endless legal battles and emptied bank accounts.


  • Saturday Night Live appears to be Tinder for celebs.

Emma Stone is dating a Saturday Night Live writer.

The list of celebs dating SNL members keeps growing. First there was Scarlett Johansson, then Ben Affleck, and now Emma.

Three weeks ago, Lainey Gossip shared details of Emma and Dave McCary enjoying dinner dates. Then Emma made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live during Ryan Gosling’s opening monologue. At the after-party, some were shocked to see Emma kissing Dave. 

They met a year ago. He wrote the sketch “Wells for Boys” the week she hosted Saturday Night Live. They’ve been dating since the summer. A backstage source said, (quote) “Some of the show staff knew about them being together, but they keep things very quiet.” Emma rarely talks about her love life. (New York Post)

Talk About It:

  • Ben Affleck is dating producer Lindsay Shookus. They've gone house-hunting together in both New York and California.
  • Scarlett Johansson is reportedly involved with Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost, though she hasn't made a commitment.
  • Emma Stone is filming a Netflix movie in New York.

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