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*Lots of sunshine today, today's high is 67


*African-American civil rights activist and author Dick Gregory’s life and legacy is being honored on the Wash U campus. He was a St. Louis native and was a huge part of the civil rights movement, he stood alongside his fellow fraternity brother, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....Gregory, a graduate of Sumner High School



*This hurricane season has been so bad that not even Europe can escape it. Ophelia -- now a post-tropical storm -- came ashore in Ireland this morning (Monday).

The storm transitioned over the weekend from a hurricane as it encountered the cold waters of the northern Atlantic. But it still packed hurricane-force winds when it struck the Emerald Isle. It had briefly achieved major-hurricane status before becoming a cold-core storm.

There are no significant reports of damage or injuries yet, but 120,000 homes and businesses in Ireland are without power. 

(NBC News, Irish Times)

*There will be no more puppy mill dogs in California!  California just became the first state to ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits ... unless they come from shelters or rescue groups. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law Friday. It takes effect in January 2019. The law doesn't prevent breeders from selling animals directly to customers, so people who want to buy an animal from a breeder still can, but they won’t be able to do it at a pet store. 

(Huffington Post

*One worker is missing and seven are injured after an oil rig explosion in Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana yesterday (Sunday).

The massive explosion, which reportedly shook houses more than a mile away, was set off by some cleaning chemicals on the deck of the rig. Both Jefferson Parish authorities are working on extinguishing the blaze and searching for the missing worker.

Authorities acknowledge that some oil could be flowing into the lake, but say if that's happening, it will be much easier to stop than the Deepwater Horizon accident, because the lake is much shallower than the Gulf of Mexico. 

(New Orleans Advocate, USA Today)

Taliban Denies Hostages Brutality Accusations-

A Taliban spokesman is denying claims that they raped an American hostage and killed her infant daughter.

A Canadian-American family that were held hostage by the Taliban are now in Canada after being freed. Joshua Boyle made a brief statement to the press after arriving at the Toronto airport Friday. The Canadian said he and his American wife were in Afghanistan helping villagers in the country when they were kidnapped by the Taliban in 2012. He said Taliban members killed an infant child and raped his wife.

Caitlyn Coleman was pregnant when the couple was captured. The couple, along with three children, were rescued by the Pakistani military this week. The Taliban spokesman said the infant died in a miscarriage and that if they wanted to abuse or kill children, the couple wouldn't have returned home with any of the children.

Pakistani officials have said that the family was freed in northwestern tribal areas of the country after they acted on intelligence provided to them by the United States.

Source: New York Times

Secretary Of State Talks Trump Rumors-

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has responded to Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker's proclamation America's chief diplomat's efforts are being castrated by President Trump.

Tillerson tells CNN's "State of the Union, "I checked. I'm fully intact." Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told the "Washington Post" that Trump's public statements on foreign policy undercut his Secretary of State -- creating two scenarios for the United States on the world stage. Corker said, "You cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state without giving yourself that binary choice.”

Tillerson said he's fully committed to the President's objectives, and that he wouldn't dignify confirming or denying reports indicating that he called the President a "moron" following a meeting at the Pentagon.

Source: CNN


*The Blues lost to the Tamps Bay lightening 2-1

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