TRENDIN' Weinstein Fired From His Own Company

The future isn’t looking all that bright for Blade Runner 2049‘s box office prospects. The long-awaited, highly anticipated sci-fi sequel is on track to gross an estimated $31.5 million in the U.S. and Canada during its opening weekend, surpassing its competition but falling considerably short of industry projections, which had put it in the $45 million-$55 million range.

1. Blade Runner 2049 — $31.5 million

2. The Mountain Between Us — $10.1 million

3. It — $9.7 million

4. My Little Pony: The Movie — $8.8 million

5. Kingsman: The Golden Circle — $8.1 million


Gainesville Is Looking Into A Big Tom Petty Memorial-

Tom Petty’s hometown wants to honor him in a way he deserves.

Forget about a street renamed in his honor or a “Tom Petty Day” declaration, Mayor Lauren Poe says those won’t do. Poe says that what they are looking for is interactive and recurring. Like an annual gathering that would also be a memorial.

Plenty of people are already reaching out with their ideas.

Source: TMZ


Legendary Music Memorabilia Goes Up For Auction-

Motown Mansion items once owned by Berry Gordy Jr. are going up for auction this week in an estate sale.

Cynthia Reeves currently owns the Motown Mansion and is selling the items she's acquired over the years original pressings of Motown singles and hundreds of 45 records from Gordy’s record storage , concert programs and more. The items will be up for sale October 12th through the 14th.

Aaron Siepierski of Aaron's Estate Sales is handling the Motown Museum estate sale and says there are a lot of special items once owned by Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. up for auction.

Source: CBS Detroit




Bella Hadid, model (21)

Sean Lennon, musician (42)

Scott Bakula, actor (63)

Tony Shalhoub, Monk star (64)

Sharon Osbourne, manager/TV star (65)

John Lennon, died in 1980, would have been 77 today


*Harvey Weinstein has been fired from The Weinstein Company amid numerous claims of sexual harassment.

Following the New York Times' scathing report into the allegations on Thursday, Weinstein announced he was taking a leave of absence from his movie studio.

Now, in a statement on Sunday, the company's board of representatives said the movie mogul was terminated "in light of new information about misconduct...that has emerged in the past few days."

Among the revelations in the New York Times article was that he settled sexual harassment lawsuits with at least eight women -- including actress Rose McGowan, who received $100,000. 

(Fox News)

“Last Jedi” Trailer And Tickets Hit Tonight-

Tonight. Geekdom and football come together.  Tickets for the next installment of the "Star Wars" saga go on sale tonight. There’s a twist, though. Tickets for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" will go on sale online during tonight's "Monday Night Football" broadcast. The official trailer for the film will air during the game and tickets will be available online right after the trailer runs. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" opens in theaters on December 15th.

Source: USA Today


Nelly was arrested & booked (but not charged) this weekend for allegedly raping a woman on his tour bus.  Nelly went on Twitter and said he was completely innocent and that he's the victim of false allegations.


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