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*Sunny to partly cloudy today the high is 83


Injury Reported After Second Yosemite Rockslide-

One person is injured after another rock slide at Yosemite National Park.  It comes a day after a British tourist was killed in a rockfall on El Capitan Wednesday. Witnesses say yesterday's rockfall in the same area was even bigger than the previous one. There were reports of seven rock falls Wednesday along the southeast face of El Capitan, including a massive slab said to be 130-feet tall and 65-feet wide.

Source: NBC News

*Florida Governor And Cruise Line Help Puerto Rico-

Florida Governor Rick Scott is offering help to Puerto Rico. Scott visited the island territory yesterday, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria. He said his state is going to help in any way it can, focusing on one issue at a time, whether it's helping provide food and water or making sure its educational system is in place.

Scott stressed that Puerto Rico is facing a shortage of just about everything and one of the biggest challenges is the widespread power outage on the island. He also expressed the difficulty of actually getting supplies and relief workers to Puerto Rico by boat.

Speaking of boats, cruise line "Royal Caribbean" is doing its part to help out the dire situation in Puerto Rico. Royal Caribbean's humanitarian mission rescued about 22-hundred people from San Juan last night. The cruise line will also pick up hundreds from St. Thomas and one-thousand more from the U.S. Virgin Islands before it reaches Florida next week. Royal Caribbean canceled its September 30 trip to use the ship to deliver much-needed supplies and help evacuate people from the island. 

Source: WESH

The NFL Says Trump’s “Fear Of Player” Comment Is False-

The NFL has responded to the latest salvo fired at the league by President Trump.

You’ll recall that Trump said that team owners are afraid of players. Well yesterday, Joe Lockhart, NFL vice president of communications said “There have been statements made in the last 12 hours or so about the league and about the owners, and I will say that, very simply, they’re not accurate. They’re not factual. But I’m not going to get in the business of fact-checking, so I’ll leave it there.”

With NBA commissioner Adam Silver saying his league will stand for the anthem, and football fans not liking the protests, the NFL now has to deal with the situation.

Source: USA Today

Whole Foods Got Hacked-

Amazon just inherited a mess from Whole Foods. Since the online retail giant bought the food store it’s been revealed that there was a hack at inside eateries.

Taprooms and restaurants inside of Whole Foods Markets have been breached. Amazon said that credit card information was stolen. There's no word on when the hack happened. The payment systems used by these vendors is separate from the main Whole Foods and systems, which were not affected. So grocery shoppers’ info is safe.

The company is working with a cyber security forensics firm and law enforcement agencies to address the issue. 

Source: Reuters


*Cubs won cards lost they beat us 2-1, the cards wrap up the season with the weekend series with Milwaukee.

*Blues lost to the Minnesota wild 3-2 & they play again on Sunday in their final preseason game.

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