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*Showers early, partly cloudy this afternoon, high 78


*30 people spoke at the county council meeting last about the way police handled the protesters at the Galleria.  Local leaders called for an outside investigation.  Many people who spoke said there was no audible warning from police to disperse



Taliban and ISIS fighters greeted U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis with a barrage of rockets earlier today.  Mattis made an unannounced visit to the country to meet with the Afghan President. Shortly after he left Kabul's international airport, more than 40 rockets and grenades were fired near the terminal. There was only one report of an injury. After learning about the attack, Mattis said, "If in fact there was an attack on an international airport anywhere in the world, if it's an attack by a terrorist it's designed to go after innocent people. And this is a classic definition of what the Taliban is up to now. We will suffocate any hope that Al-Qaida or ISIS or the Taliban have of winning by killing. I want to reinforce to the Talban that the only path to peace and political legitimacy to them is through a negotiated settlement." 

(USA Today)

Russia Threatens To Ban Facebook-

Russia is serious about its data laws. The government agency that regulates all communications and media in Russia says it will ban Facebook starting next year if the social media behemoth doesn't obey data storage laws. Russia's personal data storage law requires companies that collect information on Russian citizens to store the data in Russia. The Kremlin banned LinkedIn last year for not complying with the law.

Source: ABC News

Robert Mueller Preps For White House Officials’ Interviews-

The special counsel heading up the Russia investigation will soon start interviewing White House officials. Robert Mueller's [[ MULL-er ]] team could start interview this week or next week.

Mueller reportedly is looking for information about the firings of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and ex-FBI Director James Comey. Current and former White House staffers expected to be interviewed include ex-chief of staff Reince Priebus, former press secretary Sean Spicer, White House counsel Don McGahn, and communications director Hope Hicks.

Another focus is reportedly Donald Trump Jr’s misleading statement on his visit with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. They’re interested in speaking with those who were witnesses or involved in how the misleading statement came to be. 

Source: The Hill

Puerto Rico Is In A Humanitarian Crisis-

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke warns that Puerto Rico faces a long, tough road to recovery after being devastated by Hurricane Maria.  Duke and FEMA chief Brock Long briefed reporters outside the White House yesterday. Long said recovery in Puerto Rico is challenging because of an aging infrastructure. Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan says Congress will soon act to get hurricane relief dollars to Puerto Rico. Ryan said the U.S. territory was devastated by Hurricane Maria and is now dealing with a humanitarian crisis. Ryan noted that lawmakers are waiting for a specific funding request from the White House. He insisted that Puerto Rico is being treated with the same high priority as mainland states that were hit by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

One of the few stories coming out of the territory is twelve children in a San Juan hospital are in danger because of a diesel shortage. The children's hospital in San Juan said that 12 of their patients depend on ventilators to survive. The ventilators are powered by diesel generators because batteries are limited on the U.S. island.

Hurricane Maria caused extensive damage to the fuel supply infrastructure in Puerto Rico. An administrator at the children's hospital said they only have enough fuel for today and tomorrow. 

Source: Business Insider

The Patient At The Center Of Utah Nurse’s Arrest Has Died-

The man whose rights were protected by a nurse, at her own peril, has died.

William Gray, a commercial truck driver and reserve police officer, was involved in a fiery crash caused by a driver fleeing officers. Gray’s truck was hit head on, killing the other driver and leaving him unconscious in University of Utah Hospital.

That’s where nurse Alex Wubbels was arrested after refusing to let officers take blood samples from the unconscious Gray.

Gray, 43, served with police in the southeastern Idaho city of Rigby. Chief Sam Tower said he was dedicated to the community of about 4,000 people and plowed snow from a sidewalk last winter so neighborhood kids wouldn't have to walk in the street. Tower previously thanked Wubbels for her efforts to protect Gray's rights and prevent his blood from being drawn.

Source: NBC News

*Women in Saudi Arabia are finally allowed to drive.  Saudi King Salman made the call on Tuesday, which brings to an end a conservative tradition that was symbolic of the country's repression of women.

Saudi Arabia has been hit by criticism for being the only country around the globe that doesn't allow women to drive, although the country has been slowly easing up on restrictions put on women in recent years.



*Cards beat the Cubs 8-7, they play them again today! It's a home game!

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