TRENDIN' What you didn't see on the red carpet!

Kate Walsh revealed she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor two years ago.

• “The exhaustion got to the point where I could drink five cups of coffee and still not feel awake or clear. And then around April, I started having more cognitive difficulties."

• "they don’t hand out MRIs so easily, but I got an MRI and thank God I did,” she said, “because it turned out I had a very sizable brain tumor in my left frontal lobe."

• After the doctors successfully removed the entire “lemon”-sized tumor from her head, Walsh took nine months off from work to focus on recovery.



*Selena Gomez has signed an endorsement deal with Puma. She Instagrammed an informal announcement to her 127 million followers, (quote) “Officially a part of the fam @puma #PumaPartner.”

The deal is worth 30 million dollars for two years.

Her boyfriend, The Weeknd, happens to be sponsored by Puma, too. He designed one-of-a-kind kicks, which Selena promoted on Instagram.

This fall, Selena will promote Puma’s women's footwear campaign. A press release stated Selena said, (quote) “Puma has changed the game when it comes to the mash-up of athletic wear and fashion. I am hoping that we can create something special together.” 

(E! News)


*Are you following this Kevin Hart story?  Well comedian/actor Kevin Hart cheated on his wife, while she was pregnant.  The person he cheated with had a secret camera and was trying to extort money from Kevin. Well turns out it wasn't just one lady who is a stripper it's actually a group of "sophisticated extortionists" and they wanted $10 million.  Cops are involved they are trying to figure out who did what and tracking down where the emails came from.



*Ryan Phillippe was dating this girl Elsie, he broke up with her. Then Elsie cliams she went over his house to get her stuff and Ryan was drunk and he attacked and grabbed her and threw her down the stairs..So she got a protective order and wants $1 million.  WELL the L.A. city attorney investigated and is refusing to prosecute and they are saying she filed that lawsuit out of revenge.  Sources told TMZ that Elsie showed up to Ryan's house uninvited and she actually attacked him and refused to leave and he had to remove her from the premises and he saId she fell and hurt herself.


 The official Emmy ratings show the awards event falling to 11.38 million viewers. That ties last year’s previous all-time lowest-rated Emmys hosted by Jimmy Kimmel 

• The show was crushed by NFL football coverage, which had around 18.4 million viewers and a 6.4 rating. 


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