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*Fog advisory this morning,  then sunny and high 88


*IDOT is closing 1 lane on EB Martin Luther King Bridge so workers can perform an inspection.  The lane will be closed from 9am until Noon today.


*Classes at Wolf Branch Middle & Elementary Schools are cancelled for today and tomorrow because the ground is shifting underneath the one of the schools.  It has caused damage to mostly the east end of the building.



*Classes at Freeman High School near Spokane, Washington are closed today as investigators continue to piece together the details of yesterday's deadly shooting.

A student, identified by classmates as sophomore Caleb Sharpe, opened fire, killing one fellow student and wounding three others before a custodian subdued him and held him until police arrived. Witnesses say the student who was killed engaged Sharpe and tried to convince him not to do it before he was shot.

Police say Sharpe brought multiple weapons to school in a duffel bag and had planned to carry out a large scale attack. The Sheriff said the shooting appears to have been a vengeful act against bullying. Michael Harper, a 15-year-old who says he was friends with Sharpe, described him as "weird" but never seemed like someone who had issues. He added, though, that recently Sharpe had become obsessed with school shooting documentaries and had written notes to some friends saying he was going to do "something stupid." 

(The Spokesman Review)

Inside Generator Use In Florida Claims Another Life-

A total of five people in Central Florida are dead from the misuse of generators used to supply power after Hurricane Irma.

The latest victim is a seven-year-old Lakeland girl. Polk County Sheriff's deputies say Terryn Wilson was found dead in her home yesterday from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. Her mother is being treated at a local hospital. They say a generator was found running inside the home.

Three people in Orange County and one person in Daytona Beach have died under similar circumstances, a family of eight was injured in Titusville, and four people were treated in two separate carbon-monoxide incidents Tuesday in Polk County.

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs called the deaths “so avoidable” and said it’s urgent to spread the message of not keeping generators inside homes or garages.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless which is why it’s considered a “silent” killer.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

White House: Trump Will Sign Charlottesville Violence Resolution-

The White House says President Trump looks forward to signing a joint resolution passed by Congress this week that condemns the recent violence in Charlottesville and white nationalists.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said yesterday the president will sign the resolution as soon as it arrives on his desk. The measure addresses the violence that left one woman dead after the "Unite the Right" rally last month in the Virginia town. 

Also yesterday, President Trump and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina sat down to talk about race in America at the White House yesterday. Scott is the only black Republican in the Senate and had criticized the president over his response to the deadly violence last month in Charlottesville. After the meeting he said he was encouraged and felt the president had listened to him.

Source: ABC News

Sanders Introduces “Medicare For All” Bill-

Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders and more than a dozen Democrats are introducing a single-payer healthcare bill.

In a Capitol event yesterday, Sanders called it Medicare for all which is very similar to the European model. Sanders has long-argued that the U.S. is the only major country on earth that does not guarantee healthcare to all its people.

For the first time, other Democrats are hopping on board too. 15 Dem lawmakers are standing with Sanders on the issue.

He insisted that quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege and the system will not work for ordinary Americans until the nation starts putting patients over profits. Republicans say the federal government would be the single-payer and argue that the cost to taxpayers is enormous.

Critics say reimbursement rates to doctors would be a concern. Doctors would be reimbursed by the government; providers would sign a yearly participation agreement with Medicare to remain with the system.

Source: Washington Post

*Nurse Arrest Probes Have “Negative Findings” For Officers-

Salt Lake City's mayor says two internal investigations into the arrest of a University of Utah nurse have several policies broken by the two officers involved.

Alex Wubbels was arrested in late July after refusing to do a blood draw demanded by a Salt Lake City police detective. Mayor Jackie Biskupski said yesterday that the police department's Internal Affairs investigation into the arrest found several policy violations, including conduct unbecoming a police employee.

The Independent Civilian Review Board also voted to sustain the findings against Detective Jeff Payne and Lieutenant James Tracy. The officers will have about three weeks to respond to the investigations, and Police Chief Mike Brown will make a decision about their job status after that. A separate criminal investigation into the nurse's arrest is still ongoing.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune


*Reds beat the Cards 6-0, they play the Reds today it's a home game at 12:45pm

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