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Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is coming this winter on CBS.

Last night, on the Big Brother broadcast, host Julie Chen announced the spin-off. (quote) “It's not going to be all Oscar winners.”

No joke, Julie. There won’t be even one Oscar winner. Just take a look at the “celebrities” ABC recruited for Dancing With the Stars. ABC's yawn-worthy cast begs the question, what down-and-out celebrity would sign up for Big Brother? The show demands around-the-clock surveillance while cooped up inside a house with strangers.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition will air several times a week this winter. It features all the challenges like the original: Head of Household and Power of Veto, with a 24-hour live feed.

However, the series will be condensed to a few weeks. That way, celebrities won’t have to carve three months out of their “busy” schedule. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Talk About It:

  • The British version of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is wildly popular. Those featured on previous seasons include Ivana Trump, Pam Anderson, and Spencer Pratt.
  • Since Donald Trump left Celebrity Apprentice, there’s been a void of places to work for washed-up actors from the '80s.
  • It’s a guilty pleasure watching celebrities have mini-meltdowns.
  • These shows pull in viewers for a fraction of the cost of dramas and sit-coms. For CBS, it’s a profitable win while attracting a younger audience.


More Stars Sign On For Hurricane Relief Telethon-More of the entertainment world is joining the "Hand in Hand" telethon next week for hurricanes Harvey and Irma victims. TMZ reports that Justin Bieber, Drake, Sofia Vergara, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have joined the ongoing list of celebrities for next Tuesday's event. It will be based in three cities: Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. Others that have committed to the event are Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Foxx, Blake Shelton, Billy Crystal Robert De Niro and Michael Strahan. The telethon is organized by Scooter Braun and Bun B. 

Source: TMZ


No Pressure: Cameron Douglas Wants To Be An Actor-

The son and grandson of legendary actors wants to follow in their footsteps.

Cameron Douglas, who had been in prison for almost seven years for drug offenses, wants to live with 100-year-old grandfather Kirk Douglaswhile on parole in New York. The current script reader’s attorney asked that the move be allowed to be closer to “where the jobs are.”

The judge is weighing the options, but is concerned about Douglas’ request to stop attending Narcotics Anonymous. The wanna-be actor has been battling addiction his entire adult life.

Source: Page Six


Potterverse Con Is Now A Thing-

Wizards, witches and muggles will begin gathering in Baltimore's Inner Harbor tomorrow for the first ever PotterVerse Convention.

The PotterVerse website bills the convention as a three-day celebration of the works of J.K. Rowling and the world of wizards and fantasy she created with the Harry Potter book series. Actors from the movies, artists and panelists will attend the event, which will feature autograph and photo opportunities.

There will be panel discussions, on subjects that include “Critical Thinking & Subversion 101 — the real lessons of Hogwarts" and “Love in the Wizarding World: What Does Harry Potter Teach Us About Relationships?" There will be workshops on wand-making and writing your own Harry Potter story. There will be a couple of dance parties.

Cosplay is a go too. Attendees are encouraged to wear their Hogwarts robes or costumes. It's not too late to register at

Source: Baltimore Sun



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  • Celebrity Family Feud Singer Kelly Clarkson vs. comic Amy Schumer; conservationist Bindi Irwinvs. actress Chrissy Metz (ABC)
  • Miss America Judges include Jess Cagle, Nina Davuluri, Maria Menounos, Thomas Rhett, Molly Sims and Jordin Sparks. (ABC)

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