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*Sunny today, high 84


*Krispy Kreme offering Pumpkin spice doughnuts today to celebrate Autumn


*Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a Category 4 storm still carrying winds of 155 mph, but is not expected to weaken much more before it slams into southern Florida this weekend.  The storm battered Turks and Caicos overnight and is bearing down on the Bahamas. So far Irma is responsible for 11 deaths across the Caribbean.  The Florida Keys will begin experiencing tropical storm-strength winds tomorrow and then the full brunt of the hurricane on Sunday. The projected path of the storm still shows it's headed for Miami and then moving right up through the middle of the state (NY Times)

Deadly Mexico Earthquake Was The Strongest In 100 Years-

There are reports of at least five deaths and a tsunami warning remains in effect for the southern coast of Mexico where a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck late yesterday.  The U.S. Geological Survey says the epicenter of the quake was in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of about 20 miles. Tsunami waves have been observed in the region.  Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said there have been 62 aftershocks.

While dealing with the aftermath of the temblor, portions of Mexico are also prepping for landfall from Hurricane Katia this weekend. 

Source: USA Today

Florida Governor Is Trying To Get Gas Into The State-

People trying to flee Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma have come up against a big problem; no gas.

Governor Rick Scott says he's doing everything he can to get more fuel to the Sunshine State. Residents attempting to evacuate the southern part of the state have been facing gas shortages and stations running completely out of gas. They are also seeing bumper-to-bumper traffic. The problems began when Hurricane Harvey shut down refineries where Florida gets most of its supply.

Scott says he's been on the phone with FEMA, the EPA, the departments of Energy and Transportation and the White House about waiving federal rules and regulations to get gas into Florida quickly. The governor has also directed state police to escort fuel delivery trucks so they can quickly deliver fuel to gas stations along evacuation routes. Those same escorts will get gas station employees to safety when evacuations are complete.

Source: Washington Post

House Members Will Finally Take Up Kasich-Hickenlooper Obamacare Fix-

Democratic and Republican House members are expected to discuss a new health care plan to fix Obamacare today.

The representatives call themselves the Problem Solvers Caucus and the proposal is based on a plan put out by Republican Governor John Kasich [[ KAY-sick ]] of Ohio and Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado. The governors pitched the plan last month and have been talking about it publicly.

It aims to stabilize the individual health insurance market, boost states' flexibility to unwind some of Obamacare's coverage requirements, and hold down rising premiums.

The governors are also making their case in an article for “Time” that lays out the solutions to the American people. The unlikely duo have put months of work into the plan. 

Source: Time

Atlanta Motor Speedway Opens For Irma Evacuees-

The Atlanta Motor Speedway is opening up its camping facilities to evacuees seeking temporary refuge from Hurricane Irma.

Speedway President Ed Clark said they were proud to be able to assist fleeing residents. The Speedway opened yesterday and RV's were already lining up across the fields. The facility is equipped to handle thousands of campers during its annual NASCAR weekend and offers facilities with showers, restrooms and other utilities.

Speedway officials say the stay is free of charge and want it to be "one less worry" for evacuees. The grounds will remain open through Sunday. Scheduled racing will go on as planned.

Source: WSB


*Padres beat the Cards 0-3, they play the Pirates tonight, it's a home game!

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