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*Thunderstorms this morning and cloudy this afternoon, high 84


*There are road closures around the SLU campus as college kids move back in.  Laclede will be closed between Grand and Spring to normal traffic through Thursday more. Fall classes begin next Monday!


*You can donate your eclipse glasses if you still have them, there's a group called "Astronomers Without Borders" who collect them and give them to people in other countries for future eclipses. 



Monday night's Charlottesville City Council meeting spiraled into chaos after protesters started shouting down councilors for allowing the August 12th "Unite the Right" rally to take place.

The council's chambers were packed for the first meeting since the white nationalist rally 10 days ago. When the rally was brought up for discussion, people stood up and started shouting. They called for the resignation of council members and unfurled a banner which read "Blood on your hands."

(CBS Philadelphia)

Eye Scan May Detect Alzheimer’s-

*A long term illness has the chance to be detected early.  A new study says doctors could diagnose Alzheimer's disease sooner by using an eye scan. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles have developed a way to detect plaques related to the disease in the retina. The scans might allow doctors to detect Alzheimer's even before symptoms begin to appear. 

Source: Alzheimer’s News Today

Search For Army Aviators Lost In Hawaiian Waters Is Suspended-

*The search for five Army aviators missing since a helicopter crash last week off the coast of Hawaii is called off, and their identities have been revealed.  Army brass have listed the five as "duty status - whereabouts unknown." This means that they have not been located, but they are not presumed dead.  The families were notified about the decision and that the names were being released.

Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser

*Donald Trump has changed his mind about Afghanistan. He had previously called the war there a waste of time and resources, but in a speech Monday night, he attempted to get the country's support for his new strategy that includes a troop increase.

(The Washington Post)


*The Cards were off yesterday they play the Padres today, it's a home game at 7:15pm, it's a theme night:  Indy Car Night

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