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*Cloudy today high near 90


*It's open now but what a headache last night for drives at Hwy 44 & 141, it flooded again, MoDOT closed 141 in both directions at Interstate 44 around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday but then reopened it last night around 7:30pm.


*You might be able to use Uber and Lyft at the airport.  Taxi's have to pay a $4 pick up fee but not drop off fee.  Ride sharing companies can now begin applying for permits.  They are reviewing the agreement. The companies also have to pay $15,000 to the airport every two years.


*An Imo's delivery driver was carjacked in South St. Louis but guess what? He drove a stick shift and the big dummies didn't know how to drive one.  They carjacked a mid-90's Honda Accord that's in disrepair.  Officers are tracking a trend of recent delivery robberies around south St. Louis. If you have any information on this or maybe you saw the big dummies running away, call crimestoppers (314)725-8477



*There was no winner of last night's Powerball jackpot and now Saturday night's drawing is worth more than half-a-billion dollars.

Last night's jackpot was worth more than $432 million, which was the ninth largest in Powerball history. The new jackpot, for now, stands at $510 million but could still go up before Saturday. The lump sum payout will be approximately $324 million. 

Powerball is played in 44 states and people have a one-in-292 million chance of winning. 

(CBS News)

PayPal Cuts Off Hate Groups-

Hate groups won’t be getting anymore money through the largest online pay service anymore.

Paypal told CBS yesterday that it's taking action against more than three dozen hate groups following the recent violence at a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The company said in a statement that it's working to ensure that its services "are not used to accept payments or donations for activities that promote hate, violence or racial intolerance."

The move comes a day after the Southern Poverty Law Center argued that PayPal played a big role in raising funds for white-supremacist groups. The move follows the groups being cut off by social media sites as well.

Source: Huffington Post

Another U.S. Soldier Dies In Afghanistan-The over decade long involvement of U.S. troops in one Middle East country has cost another life.

The U.S. military Wednesday confirmed a service member died during a joint operation between U.S. and Afghan forces in eastern Afghanistan. Several other personnel were wounded and evacuated for treatment. Two U.S. soldiers were killed earlier this month in Kandahar Province when their convoy was attacked by a suicide bomber.

Eleven American troops serving in Afghanistan have been killed so far this year.

Source: USA Today

Torches Are Replaced With Candles In Charlottesville-

A massive candlelight vigil took place last night at the location of a deadly weekend protest.  Instead of torches, the space was filled with people holding candles and singing. As the gathering took place, other cities across the country mirrored it in an impromptu vigil.  A moment of silence was given in memory of Heather Heyer, the victim of the weekend clashes, and the two State Troopers who were killed when their aircraft went down while monitoring the protests.

Source: Washington Post


*Res Sox beat the Cardinals 5-4, they play the Pirates today, it's an away game!

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