TRENDIN' Samuel L. Jackson vs. James Corden in Rap Battle


*Nina Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) will star in Suburbs Famous, a TV series inspired in part by Candace Payne, better known as Chewbacca Mom. The dramedy is in development at Bravo.

**A reboot of the 1988 teen comedy License to Drive, which starred Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, is in the works. Variety says the remake will be "female-centric."

*Adam Goldberg will be a series regular on the second season of Taken.

*The release date for The Secret Life of Pets 2 has been moved from July 3rd, 2019, to June 7th, 2019.

*Netflix has renewed Ozark, starring Jason Bateman, for a second season.


**It is official: Daniel Craig is returning for a fifth James Bond movie.

He confirmed it last night with Stephen Colbert. (quote) “We've been discussing it. We've just been trying to figure things out. I always wanted to, I needed a break.”

During his hiatus, Daniel Craig seemed be dragging his feet or even campaigning to be fired. He told a reporter two years ago there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that he’d return as Bond, (quote) “I’d rather slash my wrists.”

The still unnamed James Bond movie will be the 25th in the franchise. Rumors have swirled that Adele is likely providing the theme song for Bond 25. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Talk About It:

  • All day he’d been giving interviews to promote his latest movie and denying he’d made a decision about Bond. He lied so that Colbert would get the scoop.
  • Daniel Craig said this would be his final time in the Bond role. (quote) “I want to go out on a high note.”
  • Fans seemed letdown by Spectre in 2015 after Skyfall had been a spectacular blockbuster.
  • Bond 25 is still more than two years away. Release is scheduled for Thanksgiving 2019.
  • The debate will never stop as to which actor has been the best in the role: Craig, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton or David Niven.


**Samuel L. Jackson went head-to-head with Late Late Show host James Corden in a fierce rap battle last night, exchanging vicious jibes and comebacks. Both showed that they are not to be messed with, but in the end there could be only one winner.


 Mindy Kaling has finally confirmed her pregnancy herself, noting that she's "very excited."

• "It’s so unknown to me,” Kaling said. “I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life, and this is one where I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s out of my hands,’ which is kind of a fun feeling."

• "It’s so easy to criticize parenting until you’re a parent, so one of the nice things about becoming a parent is that I’ll be able to openly criticize other parenting because I will have a child," she joked.



David and Victoria Beckham have four children together: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper....He uploaded the picture with a caption that read, "Page 1 of the Disney castle , 4000 pieces 490 pages of instructions I look confused but I'm so excited."




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