*Taylor Swift's battle against the DJ is over and she won!  The jury deliberated for 4 hours and unanimously decided the Colorado based DJ did assault and batter her.  The jury also found that Taylor Swift and her mom are not liable for getting him fired. Court reports say Swift was smiling was the decision was read. Swift released a statement that thanked the judge and jury, she thanked her attorney.  She said she is going to make donations to organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.


Last week, Tiger Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving. For good reason. He never stood a chance in court.

ESPN obtained the toxicology report from the night of his arrest. Tiger was wasted on a cocktail of powerful painkillers Vicodin and Dilaudid, plus the sleeping aid Ambien. To help calm his nerves, Tiger had taken Xanax and THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

The night of his arrest, in late May, Tiger was basically a pharmacy on wheels. Police found him snoring inside his car that he'd parked in the bike lane. Apparently, the Ambien worked! (ESPN)

Talk About It:

  • Tiger is one of millions in America addicted to Opioids.
  • Tiger entered rehab in June. He blamed his addictions on multiple back surgeries.
  • Medical marijuana is legal in Florida. Or perhaps the THC was from a contact high.
  • What was a stellar golf career seems to be a distant memory.


Taylor Swift: She won her countersuit against the former DJ who allegedly groped her.

Deadpool 2: A female stunt driver was killed on a motorcycle during the filming of the sequel, according to the Vancouver Police.

Netflix: Shonda Rhimes, known for creating such hit shows as Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, has inked a new deal with the streaming company.

Pokemon Go: It's still around and now features Mewtwo, but you need a special invite to catch that character.

Richard Spencer: Texas A&M has canceled a "White Lives Matter" headlined by "Alt-right" creator.

#BachelorinParadise: It's back, chronicling the events that led to production being shut down after a controversial sexual encounter in the pool.

#BallerWives: Fans are weighing in on the new VH1 show.


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