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*Clouds and some sun this morning a stray shower is possible this afternoon, high 88


*The Civic Center Transit Center is having their ribbon cutting this morning.   The new center houses 19 bus bays and serves 23 bus routes.



Major League Baseball is throwing a change-up during the weekend of August 25th through 27th with what they're calling Players Weekend. During the period, teams will wear special brightly colored jerseys with contrasting sleeves and bright colored hats, featuring modifications to teams' usual logos and in some cases, new logos altogether.

That's not all. Those special jerseys will feature players' nicknames on the back instead of their last names. Even the Yankees, who don't traditionally have their names on the jerseys, will have them during Players Weekend.

The jerseys will also feature a new MLB logo, which combines the Little League and MLB logos, in an attempt to show the evolution from youth to adulthood. (

Tobacco Is Eyed As Key To A Zika Vaccine-

An unloved plant could be the key to a vaccine for Zika.

Researchers at Arizona State University are trying to come up with an effective vaccine for the Zika virus using a plant that is known to do more harm than good. ASU scientists are using tobacco to try to find an effective medicine for the disease. A report that was published yesterday in "Scientific Reports - Nature" says the testing on mice has been promising so far. Researchers at the university have been using tobacco to create new vaccines for years.

Source: ASU Now

Penn State Hazing Death Hearing Resumes-

A hearing for 16 members of a now closed Penn State fraternity charged in the hazing death of a pledge is expected to resume today.

It's the fourth day of the hearing to determine if there's enough evidence to allow the prosecution to go forward. Nineteen-year-old Beta Theta Pi pledge Timothy Piazza died following a fraternity party after suffering critical injuries when he fell down some stairs.

Members of the frat waited about 12 hours before calling 911 to get help for Piazza. Security cameras show the entire night including his falls and attempts by frat members to deal with the incident themselves.

Source: Fox News 

Senator Backtracks On McCain Tumor Statement-

Senator Ron Johnson is wishing he had used a more sympathetic tone in a remark he made about fellow U.S. Senator John McCain.

The Wisconsin Republican suggested to a Chicago radio station this week that McCain's brain tumor may have had an impact on his recent vote to reject a repeal of Obamacare. A statement from the office of Arizona's senior senator said it is "bizarre and deeply unfortunate that Senator Johnson would question the judgment of a colleague and friend."

In a statement yesterday, Johnson said, "I'm disappointed I didn't more eloquently express my sympathy for what Sen. McCain is going through." He also said he respected McCain and that the vote came at the "end of a long day for everyone." McCain and two other Republicans joined all Democrats in killing the Senate's latest attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. 

Source: CNN

Study: Americans Are Drinking More Booze-

A lot of Americans are drinking a lot more than they used to and that could lead to a healthcare hangover for the nation.

A new study says as many as 30-million adults binge-drink at least once a week. The same number report alcohol abuse or dependency. The numbers represent a more than 12-percent increase in problem drinking since the last study ten years earlier.

Women showed a larger increase in alcohol abuse than men did. Underage drinking has declined.

Healthcare experts say that could mean more social problems and a lot more healthcare expenses in the future. The study is published in yesterday's edition of JAMA Psychiatry.

Source: SFGate

Hidden Camera Found In Walgreen’s Bathroom-

You never know where your privacy will be compromised.

Though this tale is creepy, let it remind you to look around and be hyper aware of your surroundings.

Last Friday, a hidden camera was discovered inside a women’s bathroom at an Illinois Walgreen’s. The store’s manager found it creatively hidden. It had been placed inside an electrical outlet and then stuck to the wall with Velcro. It was placed about one-and-a-half feet off the ground directly in front of a toilet inside the women’s stall. The device was set up about two days earlier and was motion activated.

So far, no suspects have been caught.

Source: New York Post


*The Cards beat the Royals 8-5, where is the rally cat is at the Humane Society

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