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Sunshine today, high 88


The Missouri State Highway Patrol was called to Fugitive Beach in Rolla after a man nearly drowned. The Highway Patrol says the 19 year old was swimming and then became submerged and didn't resurface.  A lifeguard pulled him from the water and he was transported to the hospital. His condition is unknown.



Trump Sent Messages To Mueller-

President Trump's lawyer says the President has sent messages of appreciation to special counsel Robert Mueller [[ MULL-er ]].  Trump has often lashed out against the nature of the special counsel's investigation.  He’s even called the probe a "witch hunt."  Washington has been waiting to see if the President will fire Mueller, but so far it hasn’t happened. The Trump legal camp insists the communications with Mueller prove Trump’s willingness to cooperate. 

Source: USA Today

Driver Plows Into Soldiers In Paris-

French police are looking for the driver who ran into a group of soldiers as they patrolled a Paris suburb earlier today.  The anti-terror patrol soldiers were standing by a military vehicle when a BMW plowed into them. Six were hurt, two seriously. Witnesses say it appeared that the driver was waiting for the soldiers to come out of their barracks. When they did, the car accelerated into the troops.

The soldiers were heading out on patrol in the suburb northwest of Paris, working under the state of emergency that's been in place since terrorist attacks in November of 2015. All the soldiers who were injured are expected to survive.

France is battling homegrown extremism with 15,000 suspected radical Islamists on the watchlists of French authorities and about 4,000 of those considered to be at high risk of committing an attack.Source: Newsweek

Woman Gets Severe Burn From KFC Gravy-

A UK woman ordered a bucket of chicken from KFC and got a side of gravy that came in a to-go container. She picked up the gravy accidentally spilled it into her lap & got second degree burns.

Six weeks later, the scar is there but she’s found out KFC’s insurance company won’t cover her medical bills. But she did get a 20 dollar voucher. 

For its part, Janet Cox of KFC UK and Ireland says “We take health and safety seriously, so were very disappointed to hear about this. We’re really sorry that Beth has been hurt, and are looking into this with our franchise partner.”Source: The Sun


*Cards beat the Royals in their last 2 games! They play them again today and it's a home game!

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