Woman Begging for Money is Busted Getting Into Expensive Car

Two guys confronted a woman in a McDonald's parking lot next to the intersection she was begging at. They said, "My friend and I noticed a social media post of a lady who didn't seem to be homeless and potentially owned a vehicle. He remembered her because she was very rude when he wouldn't give any cash to her. We decided to confront her in her lie."


Leigh Dominguez, 40 was later arrested after she allegedly hurled three bottles of Gatorade at a woman’s vehicle. 


“The complainant advised officers that while standing in the median, several people began harassing her and videotaping her,” Lt. Richard Cosby of Henrico Police told WTVR. “While speaking with the complainant, the officers were approached by another woman who told officers that the subject they were talking with had thrown items at their cars while in the parking lot, and that the incident had been videotaped, which was subsequently shared with the officers.”


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