Man Finds Kids Alone In The Park and Watch What Happens When Mom Returns

A man and his family find a young boy and his baby sibling alone in a park with no parents in site. The man pulled out his camera and started recording. The small boy looks after his baby brother or sister, keeping an eye on the camera. I'm sure the stranger filming him probably scared him more than the man realized. These type of parents confuse me. Where did she go that she needed to just leave them standing their alone? 

When his mom finally returned, she was met by several concerned parents berating her questioning why she would leave her two children alone. Her response, to run to her children, throw down her food and rush off as she tells her children the people standing around them are "crazy."

It's hard to believe a rational person doesn't recognize the risk in leaving small children alone for any amount of time in a public space. Especially a place where predators frequently visit.  Watch below. Let us know your thoughts.



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