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Congrats to Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelly they welcomed their son Joshua last month but their reps are just now giving us this info.  Baby Josh joins big sisters Adalaide (4.5) and Naleigh (8).


*Mariah Carey and Elton John got hired for a London wedding last weekend ....The singers made $4.2 million, the wedding was for the granddaughter of a Russian billionaire...The 19 year old bride cried when Sir Elton dedicated "Tiny Dancer" to her he said "This is for Irene. She's not that tiny, but I know she's a really good dancer because I can see her down there." He sang a 12 song set.  Mariah sang her popular songs and had a lot of costume changes.  We hear celebs like Antonio Banderas were there.  The cake at this wedding was about 10 feet tall, guests dined on a 9 course feast including sea bass with caviar. 



-Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones star in Inferno, the third in the Da Vinci Code series. In this one, Hanks's Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia and has to recover his memory to stop the release of a worldwide plague.

-Michael Fassbender is a World War 1 vet-turned-lighthouse keeper who falls in love with and marries Alicia Vikander. When a rowboat with a dead man and an infant wash ashore, they choose to adopt the child rather than alerting authorities -- with devastating consequences. 

- TV that's new to video includes the seventh and final season of Rizzoli and Isles, season two of 12 Monkeys, season three of the classic sitcom The Love Boat and the final season of the cop drama NYPD Blue.


Nicole Kidman's unusual behavior at the 74th Annual Golden Globes reportedly raised a few eyebrows with her questionable antics• Kidman may have had "too many pre-show wines," the mother of four was reportedly seen shooing away the cocktail waitresses and "constantly ushering over" the waiters carrying pizza.

*Michael Keaton's suit from Batman Returns and Christopher Reeve's Superman costume from the original 1978 film are up for auction.• Opening bid for the Superman costume donned by the late, great Christopher Reeve who passed away in 2004 is $40,000. The auction ends Jan. 26.  • the batsuit worn by Keaton in Tim Burton's (1992) Batman Returns, opening bid is $35,000. That auction also ends Jan. 26.

*Woody Harrelson is trying to do something that's never been done before, although he's starting to realize why his feat would be a first, the AP reports. The American actor plans to spend the early hours of Friday shooting a full-length film, called Lost In London LIVE, which will be broadcast as it happens in over 550 US theaters.Based on a relentlessly awful night out he really had in the British capital, Harrelson wrote and is directing the film that combines comedy and drama. Harrelson, 55, was arrested in London after a night out in 2002. He declined to say whether Lost in London is based on events from that night, but the set includes a recreation of the club he visited before his arrest.




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