Pregnant Bride Flees Wedding After Going Into Labor During First Dance

posted by Dave Basner -

Guests at 19-year-old Dannie Mountford's wedding to her 18-year-old boyfriend got a night to remember - the pregnant bride's water broke during her first dance. 

The couple had to leave their own party and rush to the hospital in a taxi. Early the next morning, they welcomed their daughter, Jasmine. 

Dannie explained to the Mirror that during her first dance, she felt something trickle down her leg and realized her water had broken. 

Since the pair hadn't even cut their cake yet, plenty of family and friends stuck around at the reception after they left.  

Dannie said,  "One second I was dancing with my new husband, and the next I was giving birth to my little girl. It was such a big surprise, but it’s made our wedding day even more memorable and will always be extra special."

Jasmine, who weighed in at six-pounds, four-ounces, is now at home with her newlywed parents.