Soccer fans love their sport with their whole heart...know that if you're just watching the USA games in the World Cup that you will probably be called a 'bandwagon fan,' and that's ok.  We're hoping that after going through this blog you'll have a better understanding of what's going on.

Producer Alex schooled us on the great sport of soccer...or football:


A couple of players on the USA team got hurt in practice the other day and may not make it to the game on Sunday.  FULL STORY HERE

Pepe is a big star on Team Portugal and because he head butted another player in the last game, he'll be out for the USA game on Sunday. 

Confused about why they never stop right at 45:00 or right at 90:00? This is the stoppage of time rule explained:

Here's the reaction from Ballpark Village after Team USA scored goal #2 earlier this week.

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