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The Greatest Hits of the 70s and 80s for St. Louis

Mason and Remy

What would you do with an extra hour in your day?


Lets face it, our lives are BUSY!! Multitasking has become a norm in America.  With the internet and social media at our fingertips it only seems to clutter our lives even more.  In this poll from Heart+Mind Strategies, it confirms that Americans would use their extra hour to do MORE! WHAT?!  


What would you do with an extra hour?

Relax - 29%

Spend time with family - 25%

Exercise - 22%

Pursue hobby - 22%

Sleep - 16%

Check something off your to do list - 15%

Spend time with friends - 15%

Household chores - 9%

Entertainment/shopping - 8%

Self improvement - 7%

Volunteer - 7%

Work - 3%

Photo: Sergei Supinsky/Getty Images

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