Bartenders can tell what kind of person you are based on what drink you order.  Are you guilty of ordering any of the drinks below?


1. If you order a drink from a rap song, you're not a real drinker. Drake mentioned moscato and dudes started ordering it having no idea its a sweet white wine.

2. Girls who order Long Island iced tea are looking to get wasted.

3. If you drink Bud Light there is a jail cell in your future.

4. If you order a mojito, you're full of yourself.  Mainly because they are a pain to make.

5. Dudes who order Slippery Nipples or Sex on the Beach are D-Bags.

6. If you're young and you order Jack Daniels instead of scotch, you're getting carded. Most people discover scotch after they've lived through the party days.

7. Anyone who orders a great Scotch and drinks it neat is a badass.

8. If you get a Kamikaze, they means you don't know what to order.

9. If you order a shot of Fernet, you're from San Francisco.

10. People who drink appletinis don't like the taste of alcohol.

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images