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What bartenders think of you based on your drink


Bartenders can tell what kind of person you are based on what drink you order.  Are you guilty of ordering any of the drinks below?


1. If you order a drink from a rap song, you're not a real drinker. Drake mentioned moscato and dudes started ordering it having no idea its a sweet white wine.

2. Girls who order Long Island iced tea are looking to get wasted.

3. If you drink Bud Light there is a jail cell in your future.

4. If you order a mojito, you're full of yourself.  Mainly because they are a pain to make.

5. Dudes who order Slippery Nipples or Sex on the Beach are D-Bags.

6. If you're young and you order Jack Daniels instead of scotch, you're getting carded. Most people discover scotch after they've lived through the party days.

7. Anyone who orders a great Scotch and drinks it neat is a badass.

8. If you get a Kamikaze, they means you don't know what to order.

9. If you order a shot of Fernet, you're from San Francisco.

10. People who drink appletinis don't like the taste of alcohol.

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images



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